Talks on Holy Spirit

Talks on Holy Spirit

I Believe in the Holy Spirit || Joel Snibson || John 14:15-27

Filled with the Holy Spirit, we’re empowered for mission – to know Jesus and make Jesus known. The Spirit gives us gifts to carry out this mission, and fruits within us to bear witness to the world. For more on the Holy Spirit, including the gifts and fruits of the Spirit, we’ve had a couple of series’ over the years. The 2019 series includes a couple of bonus episodes in addition to talks, including a Q&A. Go deeper into who…

God Provides Rest || Delle Matthews || Mark 4:35-40

Starting out a new year is a great time to find new rhythms – God-created ways to help us flourish.   Connect with us at ➜ Website: ➜ Facebook: ➜ Instagram:  …

Pentecost || Holy Spirit || Acts 2:1-13

God’s plan for reconciliation begins with the unifying work of the Holy Spirit. In this new series, we’ll look at how the Holy Spirit transformed the early church. Joel begins this series, looking at the bringing together of God’s scattered people at P…

Jesus and the Spirit #2

The truth is sometimes hard to hear. Jesus describes the Holy Spirit as an advocate, which Kirk spoke about last week, and the Spirit of Truth. What does that mean for us? Sam explores this idea in the second of our Jesus and the Spirit series.

Jesus and the Spirit #1

As Christians, we believe in one God, with three distinct identities: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The first two of these, are pretty easy to understand, at a basic level. God the Father is the big guy in the sky, God the Son is Jesus, God in human form, but the Holy Spirit? That’s tougher to wrap our tiny human brains around. This series looks at what Jesus said about the one who would come after him, the holy spirit.