Talks by Tim Johnson

Talks by Tim Johnson

I Believe Jesus Ascended || Tim Johnson || Acts 1:1-11

Today, we’re looking at the line of the Apostles’ Creed: I believe that Jesus ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of the Father, from there he will come to judge the living and the dead. Connect with us at ➜ Website: ➜ Facebook: ➜ Instagram:

I Believe Jesus Suffered and Died || Tim Johnson || 1 Corinthians 1:18-25

We’ve covered the first few lines of the Apostles’ Creed already – that God the father is almighty, creator of heaven and earth; and that Jesus Christ is both fully God and fully Human. Today, we’re looking at the practicality of what Jesus did in his time on earth. Connect with us at ➜ Website: ➜ Facebook: ➜ Instagram:

God the Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth || Tim Johnson || Psalm 8

How would you summarise the beliefs Christians hold? Since the second century, the best summary has been found in the Apostles’ Creed – a punchy statement of faith containing the foundational beliefs Christians across the world agree on. We’re spending this term looking through the Creed, line by line, in a series we’re calling “I Believe” – a line repeated throughout the Apostles’ Creed. Connect with us at ➜ Website: ➜ Facebook: ➜ Instagram:

Life or Death || Good Friday 2024 || Luke 23:26-49

Reflect this Good Friday on the death of Jesus. A death that brought hope and redemption. Who is Jesus? Connect with us: Next Steps ➜ Our recommended free Bible App. Includes audio and text version of the bible in many different translations and languages. ➜ Read Luke’s biography of Jesus for free on Bible Gateway. ➜ Share your contact details with us so you can stay connected with our church.

Nothing to Boast || Tim Johnson || Romans 2:17-3:8

How do you identify? Anglican? Christian? No religion? And does it matter? So far in our look at the book of Romans, we’ve seen how we all need the good news of Jesus, and that Jesus is also our ultimate judge. Today, Tim’s looking at whether or not our ‘religion’ and religious practices make a difference, or not. Connect with us at ➜ Website: ➜ Facebook: ➜ Instagram:

What is the GOSPEL? || Tim Johnson || Romans 1:1-7

In just the first 7 verses of Romans, we learn 4 things about the Good News of Jesus. Connect with us at ➜ Website: ➜ Facebook: ➜ Instagram: 

Dr Jesus || Tim Johnson || Luke 5:27-32

Who needs a doctor? The sick, or the healthy? Connect with us at ➜ Website: ➜ Facebook: ➜ Instagram:

Dr Jesus || Tim Johnson || Luke 5:27-32

Who needs a doctor? The sick, or the healthy? Connect with us at ➜ Website: ➜ Facebook: ➜ Instagram: 

Hannah’s Song || Tim Johnson || 1 Samuel 2:1-10

Today marks the start of Advent, a season of quiet anticipation for Christmas. Maybe not so quiet these days, as seasonal creep brings Christmas carols earlier and earlier, and pre-Christmas catchups mount. But as a church, we’re trying to make space f…

Part of God’s Story || Tim Johnson || Colossians 3:1-14

What stories do we tell ourselves? Maybe stories of success, accomplishment, achievement. Maybe stories of failure, and an attitude of “I’m not good enough”. We’re coming to the end of our series on identity, called You Do You, and well today be explor…

Made for God || Tim Johnson || Galatians 4:4-11

We’re halfway through our You Do You series- exploring this idea of ‘expressive individualism’, and where we find our identity. Modern western culture says to find your true self, you just need to look inward. But as we’ve seen, looking inwards isn’t t…

St John’s Extra: The End of Suffering

The Christian faith, including the Christian understanding of suffering, centres on the good news of Jesus: his life, death and resurrection. Last episode we discussed the amazing truth that God experiences pain and suffering in the person of Jesus. God understands our suffering, not in a merely theoretical way, but experientially. But the Christian faith offers us more than a God who has experienced our pain. That is amazing and comforting but it doesn’t solve the problem of suffering and…

When will suffering end? || Tim Johnson || Job 42

When will it end? When we’re in the midst of suffering, it seems to go on forever. But today, we’ll see the end of Job’s suffering, as we also come to the end of the book of Job, and the end of this series on the problem of suffering. Connect with us a…

St John’s Extra: God’s experience of Suffering

The heart of the Christian faith is the good news about Jesus: his life, death and resurrection. It is this which shapes the Christian understanding of suffering too. Perhaps the key thing that Christians can say about suffering is that God is not remote or removed from human suffering. Christians believe that God himself took on human flesh in the person of Jesus. He lived as one of us, he experienced all the highs and lows of human existence, and…

St John’s Extra: Suffering within our Story

As we wrestle with the problem of suffering, we need to think about how suffering fits within the story that we are living in. Humans are storytellers and we understand the world we live in through a ‘big story’ (the fancy name is a metanarrative) which provides a framework for understanding and interpreting reality. For Christians, our big story is contained in the bible and the first two ‘episodes’ of this story helps us understand the problem of suffering in…

Are you allowed to shout at God? || Tim Johnson || Job 30

Jesus shouted “MY GOD MY GOD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME!?” as he hung on the cross. But are we, as God’s created beings, allowed to talk to God in that way? Are we allowed to shout at God, get angry at God, lament with God? Connect with us at ➜ Website:…

St John’s Extra: Taking God out of the Equation

In these episodes of St John’s Extra we are wrestling with the problem of suffering. Last week we acknowledged that suffering is a real problem but not everyone would agree with this. For an atheist suffering is not a problem at all because it is just the way things are in a materialistic universe and there is no point trying to grapple with it and explain it. This is the way that the prominent atheist Richard Dawkins puts it: ‘In…

St John’s Extra: The Problem of Suffering

We need only look at a news feed or social media to see that the world is full of suffering. Around the world there are wars, violence, sickness, and starvation. There are natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis. Closer to home, we experience serious sickness and disability, relationship breakdown, and the death of people we love. Suffering is very real. The challenge for us as Christian people is how we respond to this suffering. Let’s be honest, it’s…

The Problem of Suffering || Tim Johnson || Job 1:1-2:10

You don’t have to look far to see suffering in our world. But how could an all-loving and all-powerful God allow suffering to continue?   Connect with us at ➜ Website: ➜ Facebook: ➜ Instagram: h…