Talks on Genesis

Talks on Genesis

I am a Fallen Person || Who Am I? || Genesis 3

Are humans basically good, or basically bad? In the opening chapters of the bible, we see God create humanity, and proclaim them to be “very good”, and yet just two chapters later, we see Adam and Eve fall into temptation and eat from the tree of the k…

I am a Created Person || Who Am I? || Genesis 2:4-7

This week begins a new series, running through the next 10 weeks, asking the questions “Who Am I?”. Throughout this series, we’ll be looking at passages from the entire story of the Bible, beginning this week with creation in Genesis. Fundamentally, wh…

A Creative God

The bible is set up to reveal God’s character to us, so we can get to know him better. The beginning of the bible, Genesis 1, and the creation of the universe, reveals part of God’s character which is often overlooked: his creativity.