Talks by Delle Matthews

Talks by Delle Matthews

Jesus’ Important Task for Us || Delle Matthews || Luke 24:36-49

Casper, Slimer, Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense- ghosts appear throughout pop culture and we generally accept some rules around ghosts. They can be seen and heard, but usually can’t interact with physical objects, and definitely can’t eat or drink. The idea of Ghosts goes back a long way into human history though, and in today’s passage we see the risen Jesus working to convince his disciples that he isn’t a ghost, but a fully resurrected body. Connect with us…

God’s Judgement || Delle Matthews || Romans 2:1-16

God is an inescapable judge, a righteous judge, and a fair judge. We’re continuing our series on the Power of the Gospel, with our Life Groups Minister Delle Matthews opening up Romans chapter 2. Connect with us at ➜ Website: ➜ Facebook: ➜ Instagram:

Jesus Cleanses || Delle Matthews || Luke 5:12-16

Jesus is powerful enough to cleanse us. Jesus is willing enough to step down into our mess. Jesus is loving enough to invite us into his big family. Connect with us at ➜ Website: ➜ Facebook: ➜ I…

Zechariah’s Song || Delle Matthews|| Luke 1:67-79

Have you ever thought – what I’ve done is too bad. Unforgivable. Irredeemable? Well simply put. You’d be wrong. With Christmas just around the corner, here’s your reminder that Jesus is our one true hope, and that nothing can separate us from the love …

God Provides Rest || Delle Matthews || Mark 4:35-40

Starting out a new year is a great time to find new rhythms – God-created ways to help us flourish.   Connect with us at ➜ Website: ➜ Facebook: ➜ Instagram:  …

The Promised Spirit || Holy Spirit || Acts 2:14-41

God’s plan for reconciliation begins with the unifying work of the Holy Spirit. In this series, we’ll look at how the Holy Spirit transformed the early church. Delle continues our series, looking at the foreshadowing of the Holy Spirit – ancient prophe…

The Church Is God’s Temple || Ephesians 2:19-22

We’re experiencing a lot of change at the moment, both at St John’s and in our wider society, so it’s good to get back to the basics of what the church is. In this series, we’ll be looking at three fundamental truths to what our identity as a church;…

Dayspring || O Come, O Come || Isaiah 9:2-7

O come, Thou Day-Spring, come and cheerOur spirits by Thine advent hereDisperse the gloomy clouds of nightAnd death’s dark shadows put to flight. The carol O Come O Come features names of Jesus from prophecies hundreds of years before his birth. This w…

Come and See

This week, Delle Matthews continues our Look at Jesus series by following John the Baptist and his disciples as they follow Jesus. The Bible reading comes from John 1:35-42

Love One Another

Delle Matthews, self-proclaimed grumpy old woman, tears apart the commercialisation of Christmas, and looks deeper into the meaning of Christmas. Our society is trying to reclaim the “true meaning of Christmas” to be to love one another, to be kind, and to give some meaningful presents. A season of love sure sounds great doesn’t it? But what is love? Where does it come from? The message of Christmas being a season of love is close to the truth, but misses a critical element, twisting the truth in subtle ways.

Building a Culture of Peace

Dealing with conflict is not just a matter for individuals but a group activity that should be a marker of the church community. Jesus prays for unity and love in the church and our community should be counter-cultural in the way that we deal with conf…

The Vine

The finale of our I AM series, Delle Matthews concludes with Jesus referring to himself as “the vine”, and his followers as “the branches”. How do we remain in Jesus, and attached to the vine? 

The Early Years of Jesus – Growing in Wisdom

Our third sermon in our series on ‘The Early Years of Jesus’ considers what it meant for Jesus to grow in wisdom as he grew up as a boy. What can we learn from him about how Christian wisdom is acquired? Delle Matthews considers Luke 2:36-40, the story of Anna in the temple with Jesus and his parents.