Talks on Relationships

Talks on Relationships

God Provides Rest || Delle Matthews || Mark 4:35-40

Starting out a new year is a great time to find new rhythms – God-created ways to help us flourish.   Connect with us at ➜ Website: ➜ Facebook: ➜ Instagram:  …

Come and See || Anna and Lachie

This week, Anna and Lachie, two regular members of the church congregation, sit down to discuss their journey as Christians. Facilitated by Kirk, this special Come and See service aims to focus on what it looks like to have a relationship with Jesus in…

Come & See || Chais & Phil

When we find something really good, like an exceptional bowl of strawberries and ice cream, we feel compelled to tell others about it, and to get them to try it for themselves. In the same way, we’re inviting you to Come & See how good a relationship w…

Come and See: Lost and Far Away

When Julie was 17 years old, she lived in a Buhdist temple in Thailand. She learnt of compassion, and elements of Buhdism, as well as the power of positive thinking, and even dabbling in palm reading.  Julie’s outward picture looks pretty good: a successful career, a dynamic social life, Julie saw the world as her stomping ground, and was stomping proudly. Though her life on the surface seemed positive and strong, living in China for a time threw a number of challenges at her, and she found all those positive things she had relied on brought no relief or support. Julie found her support in a Christian family, and the way that they lived out their faith, to love God and to love others. She was stunned that they not only believed that, but lived it out! Christianity is about more than being a good person though- it’s about a relationship with the God that loves you!