Vision and Values 2022

Vision and Values 2022

As well as our Vision 2022, outlined below, we have a vision for three ways to gather for worship as a church, which you can find out more about here.

Trusting that God can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, by 2022 we aim to be:

An Intergenerational Community, which is Loving like Jesus, Growing in Jesus, and Sharing Jesus.

Our Values:

  • Seek and nurture genuine, selfless relationships.
  • Pray expectantly.
  • Apply the Bible to every part of life.
  • Expect and welcome new people.
  • Share Jesus in word and action.
  • Equip leaders from all generations.

What will this look like?

An Intergenerational Community

A strength and beauty of our church is that it brings people of all ages together. Our church structures enable these relationships as we all serve together. We proactively recognise and equip leaders across the different age groups.

Loving like Jesus

Welcoming and hospitality are embedded in our culture and extend beyond our church into the wider community. We have a hunger to gather together and rejoice as we see others engage with God in ways that are meaningful for them.

Growing in Jesus

We love to learn from God’s Word, to encourage one another, and to keep each other accountable in our faith. Emotional health and spiritual depth characterise our church, as an alternative to our busy and distracted society. We pray expectantly, confident that God changes things as we pray.

Sharing Jesus

We are passionate partners in God’s worldwide mission so we pray, give, and equip people for this work. We are engaged in our local community, bringing the good news of Jesus, healing, support, and practical help. We create opportunities for people to belong and believe. Our church is growing, primarily, because people are becoming Christians.