The Buttons Quilt

The Buttons Quilt

The Buttons Quilt

The loss of an unborn child is a significant loss that is often minimised or ‘swept under the carpet’ in our society.  There is often no place to acknowledge and remember these tiny lives.

Recognising this, some women at St. John’s created the Button’s quilt to provide a place where tiny lives, can be commemorated through the simple act of sewing on a button.

‘The Buttons Quilt’ was inspired by “The Button’s Project” the initiative of Marina Young a young mother in New Zealand, as a response to her own experience of loss and grief after having an abortion.

Marina wrote:

The abortion experience has never left me, and for years I have wondered how to give other women like myself a safe place to grieve; how to give them a way to commemorate the babies lost. For there is no grave we can visit, no place to lay flowers, no tangible way of remembering them… 

Marina started her project by choosing a button to commemorate her baby whom she named Hope.  She went on to invite others to send her a button as a way of bringing closure and to perhaps begin a journey of healing.

Marina’s story stirred a deep compassion for women, couples and families in the Diamond Creek community who have experienced similar losses in their lives – but not only from abortion. The private grief associated with miscarriage, still birth, giving a baby up for adoption, infertility or other difficult circumstance can be equally difficult to grieve in a society that expects us to just ‘move on’.   The Button’s quilt has been made as a special place to remember, grieve and commemorate a loss that was significant to you or perhaps someone you know.  Feel free to pass this information on to others.

The Buttons Quilt is located at St John’s Anglican Church, Diamond Creek, in a quiet area of our church building.  You will be directed to the quilt and given some space.   No one will ask your name, or any details of your personal experience unless you would like to share your story with someone.  If so, one of our staff or program leaders can support and assist you and even pray with you if you so desire.

Everything you need is provided, including a selection of precious buttons, but you are also welcome to bring a button of your own choosing.

Call the office, on 9438 1264, or just call in when it suits you, and someone will help and direct you.