Talks on Christmas

Talks on Christmas

Blind Belief || Faith in the Dark || Hebrews 11:1-16

How do you have faith in something you can’t see? Kirk launches our Advent series Faith in the Dark, exploring faith and hope. Starting from Hebrews 11, we’ll be thinking about having faith in darkness and putting our trust in Jesus this Christmas.

Rod of Jesse || O Come, O Come || Isaiah 11:1-10

The Sunday before Christmas, Tim concludes our series O Come O Come Emmanuel. This talk looks at the verse of the carol calling Jesus “Rod of Jesse”, as seen in the prophecy from Isaiah. Images of despair and destruction precede the passage read in thi…

Dayspring || O Come, O Come || Isaiah 9:2-7

O come, Thou Day-Spring, come and cheerOur spirits by Thine advent hereDisperse the gloomy clouds of nightAnd death’s dark shadows put to flight. The carol O Come O Come features names of Jesus from prophecies hundreds of years before his birth. This w…

Emmanuel || O Come, O Come || Isaiah 7:10-17

Advent is again upon us, and this year, these four Sundays leading us to Christmas will be spent exploring the various names given to Jesus in the popular Christmas carol: O Come, O Come Emmanuel. This week, Kirk kicks off our Advent series by looking …

The Full Story of Christmas

At our 11pm Candlelit Christmas Eve service, Kirk shares a reflection of zooming out from the Christmas story, to remember to look at the full life of Jesus, and to remember that the baby in a manger lived, died and was brought back to life, all for us…

How Do You React To Christmas?

Tim Johnson shared a brief message at our 5pm Family Service on Christmas Eve; looking at the reactions to news in 2017, and how we might react to the Christmas story.

Overcome the World

Sam concludes our Walk in the Light series, a week before Christmas. At the end of the letter of 1 John, John writes encouragements to the Christians who will receive this letter. Sam pulls out some hashtags that John might have used in his letter, if …

Love One Another

Delle Matthews, self-proclaimed grumpy old woman, tears apart the commercialisation of Christmas, and looks deeper into the meaning of Christmas. Our society is trying to reclaim the “true meaning of Christmas” to be to love one another, to be kind, and to give some meaningful presents. A season of love sure sounds great doesn’t it? But what is love? Where does it come from? The message of Christmas being a season of love is close to the truth, but misses a critical element, twisting the truth in subtle ways.