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Tim Johnson

Tim is married to Anna and they have three children Abi, Emily & Sam. He’s been our Senior Minister since 2013 and has served in different ministry positions for over 20 years. Tim is committed to mission and trains preachers with Langham Partners in PNG. He studied at Ridley Theological College and also served on their board for 9 years. He also holds a PhD in Psychology and knows what you are thinking even before you say it (ok, that…

Joel Snibson

Joel has come from a background in the airline industry, when God’s call to serve in the local church became clear. Along with his wife Adele and daughters Hannah and Naomi, Joel has a passion to make Jesus known to unreached people and communities in our city. Joel loves to cook for friends, play with his two cats – Michael and Bella, and explore the outdoor trails and walks.

Maddy Bialecki

Maddy is passionate about young people (and all people!) coming to know the gospel of grace and the love of Christ. With a caffeine and chocolate level that could power a small city, Maddy brings magic to our mornings and keeps us all awake and laughing. When she’s not decorating things to make them aesthetically pleasing, you can find her playing all kinds of games, singing and dancing, eating brunch at a local cafe, or spreading joy and contagious giggles…

Delle Matthews

Delle grew up in a Christian family but came to faith in Jesus herself during her teen years, developing a passion for God’s word. She has had opportunities to help others really get into the word of God as a literacy consultant with Wycliffe Bible Translators and then through working at the Melbourne School of Theology. Delle loves reading, walking, gardening and knitting.

Carolyn Burns

Carolyn has been a parishioner at St John’s since 2006. She works faithfully as the face of the St John’s office, and particularly enjoys working alongside the staff team serving God in her administrative role. Singing Christian music is a deep passion and joy of Carolyn’s and being a part of the worship team at St John’s is a great privilege which hopefully inspires and encourages others to feel God’s presence and love.