Talks on Leadership

Talks on Leadership

God the Shepherd || The Good Shepherd || Psalm 23

The Lord of the Rings has Concerning Hobbits, Star Wars has The Imperial March, Les Miserables has Who Am I? Theme songs represent characters and pop up when they come into focus. Through the Bible, there’s a theme song that pops up – “The Good Shepher…

Good Leadership || Mark 10:35-45

In this weeks sermon, Julie talks about Leadership. Jesus used leadership all the time, he was constantly leading not only his disciples but complete strangers. Julie talks about how to be a leader like Jesus, how to follow his example, and how to …

Strangers || Humility || 1 Peter 5:1-7

Finishing off this first-century letter to early Christians, Peter addresses the’elders’ of the communities he is writing to; that is, the senior leaders of the church. He gives them three tips for good leadership within the Church, which can be easily translated to any leadership positions. Peter then addresses people in positions of ‘followers’, under someone else’s leadership. Essentially, Peter says to lead and be led with humility. Kirk explores humility for leaders, and humility for followers in the final talk in our Strangers: Far From Home series.