Talks on Dealing with Sin

Talks on Dealing with Sin

I am in Christ || Who Am I? || Romans 8:1-17

Through this series, we’ve seen how we as humans are made in God’s image, how we’re whole people with thoughts, emotions and a conscience, but also how there is a brokenness about humanity, and regardless of our race, nationality, age and gender, we ar…

I am a Fallen Person || Who Am I? || Genesis 3

Are humans basically good, or basically bad? In the opening chapters of the bible, we see God create humanity, and proclaim them to be “very good”, and yet just two chapters later, we see Adam and Eve fall into temptation and eat from the tree of the k…

Lamb of God

Our Look at Jesus series continues with Kirk exploring why John the Baptist would call Jesus the “Lamb of God”. What the heck does that mean? Kirk refers to the bible, John 1:29:34.

Dealing With Sin

The beginning of a new series in our morning services, Tim Johnson looks at the start of a letter written by John, one of Jesus’ 12 disciples. John wrote this letter as someone who was there with Jesus, who had seen him, and heard what he had to say. The letter is not an intellectual exercise, and the truth of God shapes the way we live. Our challenge is to walk in the light of God, rather than to persist…