Talks on Hebrews

Talks on Hebrews

Waiting For A Priest || Joel Snibson || Hebrews 10:1-18

What’s better: a short-term fix, or a long-term solution? The ancient Israelites made sacrifice after sacrifice, but this was just a bandaid solution. The real, long-term solution is what they were waiting for. Connect with us at ➜ Website: https://s…

Blind Belief || Faith in the Dark || Hebrews 11:1-16

How do you have faith in something you can’t see? Kirk launches our Advent series Faith in the Dark, exploring faith and hope. Starting from Hebrews 11, we’ll be thinking about having faith in darkness and putting our trust in Jesus this Christmas.

Joyful Friday || Good Friday 2019 || Hebrews 12:1-3

Why is Good Friday called Good Friday? And how should we respond to the fullness of life that Jesus offers by sacrificing himself on the cross? As Tim brings us the message he explores this very question: Could we even call it Joyful Friday? After all,…

Our Pattern of Life

We finish our series on Leviticus with an overview of what we have learned, and looking at 26:1-13, where God lays out the blessings and promises he gives to those who live with him and follow his ways. We see that Leviticus challenges our ‘idols’, the things that we place in our hearts instead of God, and offers a vision of a life that heals our relationships and our world.

Finding My Religion

This is the first in our new series called ‘The Heart of Life’, where we think about how we can put God at the centre of our lives in practical ways. We will be looking at the book of Leviticus, a strange and difficult book of the Old Testament, which is probably the least favourite book of the Bible for many Christians. But it contains many images and concepts that make sense of the coming of Jesus. Kirk Mackenzie starts off the series by looking at Hebrews 8, where the ’shadow’ of Jesus in the Old Testament is discussed.