You can help bless our Youth Leaders

You can help bless our Youth Leaders

Dear Parents,

This year our Youth Unite team have planned an extra event just for youth leaders. Leaders volunteer so much of their time and energy to serve our young people and their families, that we wanted to do something special to thank them.

We also want to help churches better equip their leaders for ministry and to provide opportunities for them to interact with leaders from other churches. So, on April 5th we will be holding a Leadership Dinner and Training Night. We intend for it to be cheap ($10 per head), high quality and delicious.

We’re writing to you to ask if you might be able to help make it a great night. We hope that the leaders will have not one single job to do the whole night. No setup, no pack up, no dishes, no cooking, no chair stacking. They do so much of this stuff during the year and our desire it to give them a night off from all that.

So, as a parent of youth, would you be willing to come and help bless the youth leaders? Could you volunteer a few hours of your time to help make the event happen? Serving in this way might involve any of these things:

  • Helping our chef with food preparation.
  • Setting up before the event.
  • Serving the leaders during the event.
  • Doing dishes and other kitchen cleaning activities.
  • Tidying and packing up as the event happens and after it’s finished.
  • Shopping and other pre event activities.

We have setup an online form for you to indicate how/when you can be involved. It is hosted on the St John’s Diamond Creek site but is for parents from all involved churches.

Simply fill in the form below to let us know you’re available. Click here if it doesn’t work.

Even if you can’t help the whole night, an hour or two of assistance would be greatly appreciated by both our team and the leaders who are there.

Thanks everyone.

Kirk Mackenzie

Youth Unite Leader (President? Chair? We never really decided on a title)