St John’s Kids & Families, 12 December 2021

St John’s Kids & Families, 12 December 2021

Services – Sunday 12 December

  • 8am – traditional Anglican Prayer Book service, celebrating communion
  • 10am – blend of traditional & contemporary worship, incl. kids’ program
  • 5pm – relaxed service with a focus on youth & young adults
  • Online Service – Premiering at 10am & 5pm, but then available to watch at any time

Note, this is the last week for our St John’s Kids program for the year. Next week, our only service is the Diamond Creek Community Carols. You can find more details for that, and all our upcoming Christmas in-person & online services, here.


This week is the third Sunday of Advent – the season in the lead up to Christmas, when we prepare for the coming of Jesus. In our services, we have been lighting a candle each week to remind us that Jesus brings light into the world.

For those of you who have created an advent wreath at home, light the third candle, JOY, this week. (If you have used coloured candles, this is the pink/rose one.)

The bible tells us that after the angel appeared to Mary telling her that she was to have a baby, who would be the saviour of the world, she hurried to the home of her cousin Elizabeth. She just couldn’t wait to tell someone. Mary was so happy that she broke into joyful praise to God.

  • Discuss what you think the difference is between joy and happiness.
  • What brings you joy?
  • What part of the Christmas story makes you most happy?
  • Consider ways that your family can connect with others through help, friendship and sharing the joy of Jesus with others this Christmas.

Activities, if needed, to keep hands busy while listening to today’s talk:

Check out this previous post for activities and devotions for your family to engage with this Advent.


Have a great week,

Kylie – Children & Families’ Minister



St John’s is committed to Child Safety and welcomes your feedback on how we can keep improving.



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