St John’s Kids & Families, 01 Aug 2021

St John’s Kids & Families, 01 Aug 2021

Sunday Services:

Lockdown 5.0 has been lifted and we are able to run in-person services this week at 8am, 10am & 5pm. Masks and COVID check-in are mandatory.

Due to density quotients, you will need to pre-register to attend the 10am service. This is not necessary at the 8am or 5pm service.

St John’s Kids will run at the 10am & 5pm services.

If you are unable to attend in-person, or have a preference for our digital service, you can join us online here.


Family Discipleship:

READ 1 Thessalonians 2:1-8


  • If you could do one thing today, that would please God, what would it be?

It does please God when we do things for others, like make a meal for someone who is sick, do some gardening for someone who is injured, give money to help others, and when we study our bibles and go to church to learn more about him.

  • When you are at school / work, what happens when you do a good job?

You might get a merit sticker, certificate, a prize, an A+ on a project, a promotion … or you might not get any recognition at all.

  • How does it feel to do something well and not be noticed and praised by others?

It certainly isn’t a bad thing to put effort into your work and it’s natural for us to want to be liked and approved of by others and to feel like we belong. But a lot of people try to accomplish good grades or a promotion or making lots of money because they think the approval of others and their achievements will make them happy. And if things don’t go as well as they intend, or if others don’t recognise their hard work, it can lead to frustration, disappointment, and discontented lives.

God has made each one of us with a unique purpose in mind. The bible tells us if we live our lives seeking God’s approval, more than others, we will have a full life discovering his purpose for us.

To achieve this, God needs to be part of all that we do each day.

This week, make it a focus to PRAY each morning, committing your day, and all that it may hold, to God. Ask God to give you opportunities to use your gifts and talents to serve others. Encourage each other to pray during the day, as things arise, asking God for help, guidance, wisdom, courage, etc. End each day with thankfulness for the opportunities and achievements of the day, big or small, and honour God as the source of true happiness.


Have a great week,

Kylie – Children & Families’ Minister



St John’s is committed to Child Safety and welcomes your feedback on how we can keep improving.



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