St John’s Kids – 19 April 2020

St John’s Kids – 19 April 2020


Today’s service:

Access our live stream services here.

Sue will be introducing a new kids’ song this week, True North, reminding us that Jesus is our compass, not the circumstances of the world around us.

We start our Term 2 sermon series this week, looking at God’s strength in our weakness. This week, we are focussing on the God of all Comfort. Have your bibles open at 2 Corinthians 1:1-11

While you listen to the talk:

  • Younger Kids – Draw something that comforts you and makes you feel safe. Do you have a special teddy or other toy? Cuddles from mum and dad? Eating chocolate? Drinking cocoa?
  • Older Kids – Select a verse from the reading that stands out to you. Write it out and try to memorise it. You may like to decorate it and hang it in your room to remind you of God’s strength and comfort during the week.
  • Extra Activity – Word Search

We would love to see some of your artwork. Send scans/photos to We will put together a slideshow to share during one of the services later in the term.

Family Devotion Time:

After/Before your service of choice, or at a time that best suits you during the day, spend some time together Digging Deeper into God’s word.

The Bible tells us that we can talk to God anytime, anywhere about anything. Whether we are feeling happy or sad, need comfort, or experiencing any other emotion, we can talk to God and tell him how we are feeling, knowing that he will always listen. What a privilege to be able to talk to the creator of the universe!

1). Print – Talk to God Digging Deeper, Activity Sheets (Ages 4-8) and/or (Ages 9-12), and Game & Craft Ideas

2). Watch this Kids’ Talk Video together

3). Use the Digging Deeper questions to lead a discussion time

4). Pray – Spend time thanking God for who he is, for his love and comfort, and for being in control even when it’s hard to see. Bring your emotions and questions to God.

5). Enjoy the activity sheets and game ideas! (Not that we need more chocolate at this time of year, but I particularly like the M&M game ? )



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