Posts from August 2022

Discord and Online Ministry

How we connect online during the week The internet has come and revolutionised so many aspects of our world. As a millennial, I’m one of the first people to have grown up with the internet. I can remember dialing-up for the first time and setting up my Facebook account in 2007. Where would we be today, without the ease of connection that the internet has given us through 2020 and 2021? Whether that’s Facebook, YouTube, or apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime…

Youth Unite Spring 22′

Hey Parents, Youth Unite SPRING is coming to St John’s! This is a chance for our youth to join youth from churches in our area for a time of worship, games, hanging out and learning more about God. This is also a great opportunity to invite friends, everyone is welcome! Details: Friday 2nd September St John’s 7-9.30 pm $5 entry RSVP here.