Sunday@6 timing changes

Sunday@6 timing changes

G’day Parents,

We’ve made a few structural changes to our Sunday@6 services that I wanted to let you know about. Previously we aimed to finish at 7:30pm. Starting now and going till at least the end of term 3 (when we’ll review) we’re aiming to finish our services between 7pm and 7:10.

Here’s a few quick reasons we’re trying this out:

  • Slightly shorter services may be a bit more accessible for visitors who have limited church experience.
  • Earlier finish makes it easier for those who have an early start on Mondays to stick around after the service for some social time.
  • Friendlier to young kids’ bedtimes.

If you pick your kids up from the service, our recommended pick up time is between 7:30 and 8pm, that allows a bit of supper time which we believe are key to church experience, especially for young people.

We’re also running a survey to gather some info on the start time of the service. It’s purely information gathering, there are no plans to change at this time. You can complete the survey yourself here.