St John’s Kids & Families, 18 July 2021

St John’s Kids & Families, 18 July 2021

Sunday Services:

I was very much looking forward to reconnecting with many of you this week, after the St John’s Kids school holiday recess. I am now prayfully hoping that lockdown will only delay that by one week!

We will livestream services this week at 10am & 5pm.

Activity sheets, if needed, to keep hands busy while listening to the talk:

  • Activity Book (includes colouring, crossword, word search, etc.)
  • Additional colouring pages 1, 2


Family Discipleship:

This week concludes our Galatians talk series.

READ Galatians 6:1-6 together

Paul tells us that as Christians we are not to just be concerned for our own behaviour, but to help others follow the path that God wants them to follow, by setting a good example, lovingly warning others when they do the wrong thing, and to support others through the hardships in their lives.


  • How can you help someone to stop and think before they do the wrong thing?
  • What is an example of doing that gently?
  • What is an example of not being gentle?

The passage uses the word ‘burden’. Give your child(ren) something quite heavy to carry around. Get them to imagine being given more and more heavy things to carry. Explain that sometimes difficult things in our lives (e.g. being sick, feeling sad or lonely, or being under financial stress) can feel like we are carrying around heavy burdens.

  • Share ways you might help others with the burdens they are carrying (e.g. sometimes we just need to be there and let others know we care, words of encouragement might be needed, or donating money, cooking food, or doing odd jobs might help others with what they need)

READ Galatians 6:7-10 together

Paul tells us that our choices and actions, both good and bad, have consequences and that we shouldn’t tire from doing good because we will reap blessings in due course.

DISCUSS choices and actions, good and bad, that have immediate consequences and those that have delayed consequences (e.g. What would happen if you chose to stick a pin in a balloon? What would happen if you stopped watering a pot plant? What could happen if you invited a new kid at school to play? What happens when you put a little bit of your pocket money into savings each week instead of spending it all?)

ENCOURAGE your children to watch for consequences that come because of choices they make this week. Share your own experiences with them too.


Have a great week,

Kylie – Children & Families’ Minister



St John’s is committed to Child Safety and welcomes your feedback on how we can keep improving.



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