St John’s Kids, 17 January 2021

St John’s Kids, 17 January 2021

Good News … We start in-person services this week! Head here for more info and to register for in-person attendance at either 10am or 5pm.

Bad News … Actually, there isn’t any bad news because we are keeping our digital services running too. So, if you are not ready/able to join in-person, you can continue to connect with us digitally.


Our St John’s Kids program will remain in recess during the holidays and will resume with the school term.

If you are attending in-person services with kids over the next few weeks, the activity sheets provided in the blog will be available in physical form for you to collect when you arrive at church. However, we do ask that you BYO pencils/pens as we will not be providing these at this time, for COVID-Safe reasons.


Sunday 17 January:

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Pre-read Mark 8:34-9:1 in preparation for Tim’s talk.

Who likes boardgames? My family LOVES games – more so modern tabletop games than the traditional Monopoly and Game of Life, but those long-lived games are the ones that many of us grew up with and the sole purpose is to amass the most money/property in order to win.

Many people live life like that – as if the most important thing is getting more stuff. They work long hours to afford big houses, fancy cars, extravagant holidays, designer clothes and the perceived security of lots of money in the bank.

In this week’s passage, the challenge is to say ‘No’ to our own ‘wants’ and be willing to give up everything. We need strive to live a life where the most important thing is following and serving Jesus. And although it is not easy, we are promised that if we follow his example, we will be the winners in this Game of Life.

As a family, pray together and discuss how you might deny your own ‘wants’ and give up your time/money/talents to serve others this week. Some ideas, but don’t limit yourself to these …

  • Cook a meal or do some odd jobs for someone
  • Tell someone about God and invite them to church
  • Write a letter to someone who might be lonely
  • Donate money, toys, books or clothing to a charity

Activities, should you need them, to keep hands busy during the talk:


Have a great week!

Kylie – Children & Families’ Minister



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