St John’s Kids – 11 October 2020

St John’s Kids – 11 October 2020



Today’s Services:

Access our streamed services here.

We will be sharing Communion in the service today, so have some bread and wine/juice ready if you would like to partake.

Would you ever turn up to a dinner party you had not been invited to? The woman in Luke 7:36-50 did! Jesus used her actions to show that the faith of people who know they have made bad choices and done wrong things, but seek forgiveness, is greater than the faith of self-righteous people who think they don’t do anything that needs God’s forgiveness, and that the more we are forgiven, the more love we have to give.

As you read/listen to this passage, compare the uninvited woman’s actions to Simon the Pharisee’s words and actions. Which attitude do you think is the way that Jesus wants us to come to him?

Activity sheets, if needed, to keep hands busy while listening to Tim’s talk:

Another activity for during or post service …

  • Trace around one of your feet and cut it out.
  • Older kids can choose a verse from the passage that stood out to them to write on the cut-out. Younger kids may wish to write a couple of words that stood out to them, e.g. Forgiveness, Love.
  • Spray a little perfume on the cut-out or use a drop of essential oil – something flowery, like lavender, would be perfect.
  • Stick the cut-out up in your room to remind you of today’s lesson.


Today’s Events:

After the 9:30am service, we will be running a short all-ages TRIVIA QUIZ! Gather the family together and join this fun session (If prompted, Zoom Meeting ID: 833 565 287 / Password: SJDC). You will also need a second device, a phone or tablet different from your Zoom device, with a browser open at

Note: The Zoom link can also be found in the YouTube 9:30am service description.


This afternoon’s St John’s Kids Zoom sessions are for Grades 4, 5 and 6.

This week’s 4:00pm session is aimed at Grade 4. Join here. (Meeting ID: 875 7958 2331 / Password: grade4)

This week’s 4:30pm session is aimed at Grades 5/6. Join here. (Meeting ID: 785 8268 3942 / Password: FDS6vT)

If you have not already read, or need to refer back to, the details of these sessions, please see this previous post. Remember, you must complete the permission form if you would like to leave your child(ren) unsupervised in our online sessions.

Next week, we begin the St John’s Kids cycle again, with sessions for Kinder/Prep and Grade 1.


The team looks forward to seeing and interacting with your children again soon!



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