St John’s Kids – 03 May 2020

St John’s Kids – 03 May 2020


Today’s service:

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In our reading this week, Paul focuses on the importance of forgiveness and that Christians smell 😮 The world is full of smells, both good and bad.  We smell stinky, yuk! to those who do not want to accept God and his way of life. But we smell sweetly to those who want to know more about God.

To be a pleasing aroma to God, we need to follow the example Jesus set and let him be the compass for our lives. Get your voices and instruments ready for True North.

To keep hands busy while listening to Julie’s talk today:

  • Younger Kids – some links to colouring pages connected to this passage: 1, 2, 3.
  • Older Kids – Find a verse in the bible passage that stands out to you. Write it out. Cut it into separate words, shuffle, and see if you can arrange it back into order. If you have a brother or sister doing the same activity, swap jigsaws and see if you can put each other’s in order. Extra activity: Word Search

Family Devotion Time:

After/Before your service of choice, or at a time that best suits you during the day, watch Margaret’s talk …

How can we be an aroma of Christ? Sometimes it is difficult to see what a difference one person can make, particularly if you are young or shy or unsure of yourself.

Make some popcorn. One small scoop of popping corn, or one packet of microwave popcorn, fills the entire room, maybe even the whole house, with its smell.

One thing, or one person, can make a big difference! As you live the way God wants you to, the aroma of Christ surrounds you and affects other people. They will see the way you live, the way you look after people, your joy and your love, and may want some of what you have. That’s how we make Jesus known to others.

Now that you’ve made popcorn, try some popcorn prayers. An adult begins and each child adds a word or two to the prayer. Example: Adult says ‘Dear God thank you for making’ and kids take turns to add ‘flowers’, ‘my footy’, ‘a beautiful world’.

Try these starters, but use any others that come to mind:

  • Dear God, I’m sorry for …
  • Thank you, Lord, for …
  • Loving Father, thank you for being …
  • Jesus, help me when I feel …
  • Dear God, please look after …

Enjoy your popcorn ?


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