Life Groups Update

G’day parents,

This Thursday night we will meet as a leadership team and lock in the life group allocations for this year. Soon after that you will hear from group leaders about your kid/s’ first group meeting and related details.

As always, there were no times/locations that perfectly suit everyone. None-the-less we have done our best to run groups at times where the most possible people can attend every week.

We are keen to work with families to make the trickier time slots work so please do give me a call if the group your kid/s end up in makes things tricky for your family. 9438 1264 (Tues, Wed or Fri).

Also, Camp Crave is less than a month away. Please register ASAP if you know you are coming. If you’re not sure, I highly recommend it and invite questions if you have them. Camp is great.

Click here to read about and register for camp.

Also, Youth Unite is even closer, Friday 26th Feb. If you can RSVP for that event it really helps us out. You can still come if you don’t be we really appreciate it.

Click here to RSVP for Youth Unite.