Baptism and Confirmation Service – December 10

Baptism and Confirmation Service – December 10

G’day Parents,

On December 10th Sunday@6 will be hosting a Baptism and Confirmation Service where people have the opportunity to stand up in front of their church community and publicly commit to following Jesus.

In the Anglican tradition, confirmation is for people who have been baptised as infants or children and, now that they’re older, want to affirm the promises that were made on their behalf.

We’ve already got a bunch of young people keen to be involved. If someone in your family would like to be baptised or confirmed then please drop me an email at

This Sunday we have an information/preparation session which you’d be welcome to come to. You don’t have to be 100% committed, just interested, we can lock you in (or not) after the session. It’s at 3pm in Meeting Room 1 at St. John’s.