St John’s and COVID-19

St John’s and COVID-19

Dear Friends,

With the increasing impact in Australia of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) our church has implemented a number of hygiene measures at our gatherings. These have been done to try and ensure the safety and health of the majority of our people and undertaken based on advice from the Diocese of Melbourne. For now, services are still running. 

  • We have hand sanitiser at the entrances to each of our three church buildings which we encourage people to use as they come to the services and programs.
  • We will continue to use individual cups for the Lord’s Supper and have made an increased number available. The common cup will not be in use until further notice.
  • Please note that all people distributing communion elements use hand sanitiser as part of their normal practice of hygiene.
  • We are not including the Greeting of the Peace in services at present.
  • We have tissue boxes in each of the churches which we encourage people to use along with the standard practice of coughing into one’s elbow rather than into hands.
  • For morning tea and supper, only drinks will be served.

Sunday@6 dinner won’t happen until further notice.

Please do continue to pray for all those impacted around the world by this disease and all people in positions of leadership and authority as they make decisions for the good of their nation and all peoples of the world. I include a prayer written by our diocese:

Lord Jesus Christ, healer and friend, come and care for all of us
through the danger and uncertainty of the coronavirus epidemic.

To people who are sick, bring healing.
To people who are displaced, isolated,
or cut off from family, friends or work,
bring comfort and companionship.
Work with medical staff as they care for the sick, and protect them from harm.

Give skill and fruitful research to scientists
as they search for treatments, prevention and a cure.

To public health authorities, give wisdom
to decide the best ways to manage
both this crisis and our anxieties.
When communities are fearful,
give a calm spirit,
and kindness to neighbours and strangers.
Through this testing time,
and through all the risks we face together,
teach us once again how we can love one another as you have loved us. Amen.

In Christ,

Tim Johnson

Senior Minister