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Christmas at St John’s celebrates the birth of Jesus, with services, carols, and a message of hope.

You’re always welcome at St John’s, where we come together as a community to know Jesus, and make Jesus known.

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Quiet Christmas

Our Christmas services are celebrations of the birth of Jesus Christ. If you’re finding the idea of celebrating Christmas particularly difficult this year, this Quiet Christmas service will offer you a place of quiet reflection, a time to remember, and the gift of hope for the future, through Christ the Light of the World

Prayer Meeting

Every Thursday at 8am a group of people from our church meet to pray for St John’s and our mission and ministry. You are welcome to come and join us as we express our church value to ‘pray expectantly’.
Diamond Creek Community Carols

Diamond Creek Community Carols

Diamond Creek Community carols From 5:30pm December 17th Coventry Oval, Diamond Creek We love our carols in Diamond Creek! Every year, hundreds of locals gather at the Diamond Creek Community Carols to celebrate Christmas and all that it means. Featuring the Carols Band singing your favourite carols, and some new ones! We’re also hosting a bunch of Christmas Services at St John’s, including a Family Christmas Eve service, featuring a photobooth, kids activities, and a positive message. Check them out…

Christmas Eve Family Service

Our Christmas services are celebrations of the birth of Jesus Christ. Like all our services, Christmas at St John’s will include friends, music, practical teaching from the bible, and a fun and safe environment for kids. Our 5pm Christmas service is geared towards families and children, with drama performances, a photobooth and accessible teaching.

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No matter where you’re at with Jesus, you’re welcome at St John’s. Nobody at St John’s, including leaders, has it all together. We’re all imperfect people, working out what it means to live as followers of Jesus. We all stumble and fail, but the love of Jesus is more than we could ever need.

Catch up on Talks

Hannah’s Song || Tim Johnson || 1 Samuel 2:1-10

Today marks the start of Advent, a season of quiet anticipation for Christmas. Maybe not so quiet these days, as seasonal creep brings Christmas carols earlier and earlier, and pre-Christmas catchups mount. But as a church, we’re trying to make space f…

Miriam’s Song || Joel Snibson || Exodus 15:1-18

As we wait for Christmas, to celebrate the birth of our saviour, carols will be a big part of that. Singing to remind ourselves, and to bring praise to God for who his is and what he’s done. We’re starting a new series today looking at song from the bi…

Part of God’s Story || Tim Johnson || Colossians 3:1-14

What stories do we tell ourselves? Maybe stories of success, accomplishment, achievement. Maybe stories of failure, and an attitude of “I’m not good enough”. We’re coming to the end of our series on identity, called You Do You, and well today be explor…

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Get connected into community. The best way to connect is through a Life Group. Life Groups are small groups, meeting during the week to discover Jesus together.

For kids, find out more about St John’s Kids.

St John’s Youth meet in Life Groups of their own, on Sunday afternoons.

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