Volunteer Spotlight | Alison Knuckey

Volunteer Spotlight | Alison Knuckey

It’s National Volunteer Week, and we love our volunteers. We’ve got some great stories to tell about some of our volunteers, about why they serve, and what they love about volunteering.

Today, meet Alison (and Simeon).

Alison is pretty busy, so I caught up with her while she was setting up for Mainly Music, where she volunteers.

When she isn’t volunteering, Alison works part-time as an Orthotist and a Prosthetist –  she helps fit support devices for people who have lost a limb.

Alison serves at Mainly Music not because she loves music, but because of the relationships she builds with other locals. She loves to engage with the kids and caregivers at Mainly Music, and really sees the value in the program, engaging with people in a fun and safe environment.

As a mum herself, one of Alison’s great joys in volunteering at Mainly Music is seeing her own kids engage with the program. As we were chatting, Simeon was helping his mum set up the train set for use in the program later on. Alison remarked that she felt that she got much more out of volunteering than she put in, in the relationships she has formed with other parents at Mainly Music developing into great friendships outside of the program.

As a follower of Jesus, Alison believes that service is an important outworking of her faith, as well as being good fun! She sees Mainly Music as a great outreach, providing practical support of the family unit through the program. Alison says “there are so many areas within Mainly Music to volunteer; it’s not just about the music.” If you’re interested in volunteering, in any area at St John’s let us know.