Youth Life Groups have started

Youth Life Groups have started

G’day Parents,

Our Youth Life Groups have either started this week or will start next week. As is expected, it’s been a bit of a juggling act with time slots and leaders but we think we’ve got three pretty great groups starting out this year. There is still plenty of time to join a group so I thought I’d post the basics here for you to see.

  • There are two groups meeting on Tuesday nights (at separate locations), one boys only,  the other for girls. These two groups are made up mostly of youth in older year levels. The boys group has two male leaders, the girls to female leaders.
  • There is one group on Sunday arvos (3pm) which is boys and girls mixed and mostly represented by younger year levels. There is one female group and one male group.

You can sign up for a Life Group here or contact our Youth Minister, Kirk Mackenzie, directly with questions via

Also, don’t forget Camp Crave is just over a week away! You can still register.

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