Youth Life Groups 2019

Hey Parents,

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey!
The results are in and all our Youth Life Groups are set to kick off 4 pm Sunday, 17th Feb.

There will be no other time-slot for groups to start 2019. We are not ruling them out for the future (either this year or following) but it seems like Sunday arvos will just work really well this year.

So, if you have a youth who intends to be part of a Life Group this year, please put 4-7:30pm in your diary each Sunday for the rest of the year (long weekends and school holidays excepted).

All groups will start by meeting in the portable building (AKA the Pizza Box) between the main church building and the offices. We will break out and use other rooms on the church property as needed but that will always be our starting point.

Groups will transition straight into the Sunday@6 service, we recommend pick up after the service finishes (we aim to finish by 7:10pm). When there are Sunday@6 dinners, the youth will join in on those as part of our group time.

We recommend bringing your own personal bible to Life Group each week.

Lastly, we’d love to get a clear indication of who’s definitely in for a group this year (bearing in mind Sunday arvo is the only option). So, could you please fill in this very brief survey for us?

Thank you,
St John’s Youth Ministry Team

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