Who is the Good Friday Experience for?

Who is the Good Friday Experience for?

G’day Parents,

This year, we are trying something new on Good Friday; an evening event we’re calling the Good Friday Experience. We’ve given a mature content warning for this event so I thought I’d write and explain what to expect so that you can choose which of your kids might attend.

Our aim is to tell the story of Good Friday in a creative way. This will include video, music, drama and design. If you’re familiar with the story, you’ll know that some parts are pretty horrible (they usually get skipped in kids picture books). There is some brutal violence and some heavy themes.

We do not intend to glorify these elements of the story, nor do we want to pretend they didn’t happen or didn’t mean anything. The intensity of Jesus journey to the cross is important for us to try and understand.

You can expect:

  • Graphic images of the crucifixion.
  • Themes of evil, betrayal, sacrifice, torture and death.
  • An atmosphere that will reflect the heaviness and seriousness of what Jesus went through.

We reckon youth who are 15 or older should be able to cope well with the content. Those 14 and under will need some parental guidance. You will know your kids best and what their threshold is with visuals and themes. We definitely do not recommend this event for primary school aged kids and younger.

As for inviting friends, we are aiming for this to be a newcomer friendly event. Because of it’s creative nature, we expect some people will find it more accessible than an average Sunday service. Please make sure to inform fellow parents of the mature content and make sure they’re okay for their kids to attend.