St John’s Kids & Families, 21 November 2021

St John’s Kids & Families, 21 November 2021

Services – Sunday 21 November

We have a guest speaker today from one of our mission partners – Anglican Overseas Aid. Join us for one of our services:

  • 8am – traditional Anglican Prayer Book service, celebrating communion
  • 10am – blend of traditional & contemporary worship, incl. kids’ program
  • 5pm – relaxed service with a focus on youth & young adults
  • Online Service – Premiering at 10am & 5pm, but then available to watch at any time

Due to current restrictions, our in-person services are limited to fully vaccinated attendees. (Children under 12yrs are exempt from vaccination requirements.) Check-in via the ServiceVictoria app or our laptop-kiosk will again be required, and vaccination status needs to be proved.

Masks are no longer mandatory but are strongly recommended.

For those wanting to keep young hands busy while listening to today’s talk, or to use as an activity during the week:


Family Discipleship

READ Mark 5:25-34 together this week.

Jesus heals a woman, who had been sick for 12 years, and commends her for having great faith.

The woman had spent a lot of time and money, but nobody had been able to help her. She had only got worse, not better. She heard about Jesus, and the miracles he had been performing, and she experienced hope. She believed in the healing power of Jesus.


  • Do you think it was touching Jesus’ robe that healed her, or was it her faith?
  • What is faith?
  • Do you think Jesus really did not know who touched Him? Jesus is God. He already knew who the woman was and how long she had been unwell.
  • Why then do you think he asked, ‘Who touched me?’ Jesus would have said this for the benefit of others, not himself – to let the woman know why she had been healed, and to draw the crowd’s attention to what had happened, so that they could witness the miracle and be encouraged to learn from the woman’s faith.
  • What can we learn from Jesus commending the woman’s faith? God loves each one of us and wants us to have faith and believe in who he is.
  • What do you like about this story? I like the reminder that Jesus has great compassion and love for those who suffer and that nothing is impossible for God.

PRAY together as a family.


Toilets & Kids

As you may have heard, we are currently undergoing a refurbishment project of our toilet facilities. For long-term gain, this will cause a small short-term inconvenience as the facilities in the church building are not available.

Two portable toilets are in the gravel carpark between the church and the office. These will be unlocked during Sunday services. A key to the office will still be located at the exit door to the right of the Worship Centre stage, for those who need facilities with a bit more room e.g. disability access or parents who need to assist young children with toileting.

For safety reasons, during the St John’s Kids program, kids will be sent back to their parents, to be escorted to the toilets.



The toilet refurbishment project also has implications for our Creche. This room will not be available for use. Restless children (and sometimes adults!) are part of life, and they are always welcome to stay in services. However, if parents need/want a bit more room to move, you are encouraged to utilise space in the foyer, where a selection of toys will be available.


Have a great week,

Kylie – Children & Families’ Minister



St John’s is committed to Child Safety and welcomes your feedback on how we can keep improving.



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