St John’s Kids & Families, 12 September 2021

St John’s Kids & Families, 12 September 2021

St John’s Kids Online Sessions, Sunday 12 September

These are the final kids’ sessions for Term 3. Sessions will recommence online in Term 4.

9:00 – 9:25am Kinder/Prep/1/2

9:30 – 9:55am Grades 3/4/5/6

Join here. If prompted, Meeting ID: 870 1575 6167 / Passcode: 935256

Note: If you join early, prepare to be in the ‘waiting room’ before being admitted.

We strive to create safe environments for children to come to know and experience the love of Jesus. Each online session will have two adult leaders and we encourage in-room parental supervision, particularly for younger children. If you would like the option of leaving your child(ren) unsupervised in our online sessions, you must complete a permission form, if you haven’t previously done so.



Join our livestream service at 10am or 5pm.

If you would like to keep young hands busy while listening to the talk, these activity sheets are related to this week’s reading, Luke 11:1-4.


Family Discipleship:

In our services, we start a new talk series on the topic of Prayer. Dig deeper into this topic, as a family this week.

Have a bible and a cookbook on hand.


Do you know what this is? (Hold up cookbook)

A book of recipes; lists of ingredients and step by step instructions for putting them together to make a dish. Mention that, depending on the dish, you don’t always have to do exactly what the recipes says. Sometimes you can switch or add ingredients, but the recipe helps if we’re not sure how to make something.

Did you know that God has given us a recipe book? (Hold up Bible) The bible gives us directions for living, including instructions for prayer.

How do you like to pray? Do you have words or phrases you use to pray?

Jesus’ disciples asked him how they should pray. READ Luke 11:1-4. (You might also like to refer to and compare with Matthew 6:9-13).

We call these words The Lord’s Prayer.

We say this prayer in our church services nearly every week as it’s good to have a prayer that we can say together. At other times, we don’t have to say the exact words of this prayer. We can use it as a guideline, just like following a recipe, and we can mix and match some of the ingredients that we use. Jesus’ words model that prayer can be short and simple, but also highlights the importance of honouring God, and our reliance on him for our daily needs, forgiveness, and protection.

WATCH this further explanation of the words and phrases used in the Lord’s Prayer:

A few days this week, PRAY The Lord’s Prayer together to try to memorise it. On other days, use the prayer as a model and use your own words to praise God for all that he is, to ask him to give you what you need each day, to ask for forgiveness for the wrong things you do and for help forgiving others, and for help to lead the life he wants for us.

REMEMBER:  God is our heavenly father. He wants to hear from us all the time. The simplicity of Jesus’ prayer should encourage us to just do it and not worry about making it complicated. We can pray anywhere and everywhere. God loves us and hears us no matter what!


Have a great week,

Kylie – Children & Families’ Minister



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St John’s is committed to Child Safety and welcomes your feedback on how we can keep improving.



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