St John’s Kids, 28 February 2021

St John’s Kids, 28 February 2021

Sunday 28 February

This week, we start a new talk series, looking at the book of Jeremiah.

Quite often, children are referred to as the future of the church. While it is true that our young’uns are likely to outlive the current leadership of the church, referring to them only in terms of the future undermines their role in the present and can leave kids thinking that they need to wait before they are of any use to the church and to God.

God’s call to Jeremiah in Chapter 1 is a great passage to read and discuss with kids. Jeremiah was young, and when he received God’s call, and his response was I can’t! I’m not a good speaker and I’m too young!

Ask your kids about things or situations they find difficult. What things do they think they are too young to do?

God reassured Jeremiah that he knew him and had plans for him before he was even born, and that he would enable Jeremiah to do all that he needed to do. The same goes for us today. God knows each one of us, far better than we know ourselves, and every one of us, young and old, plays a part in his plan – the future and the right now.

Discuss with your kids ways God might use them here and now – volunteering at church, putting some of their pocket money in the collection, standing up for someone who is being picked on at school, God might give them words or images that he wants them to share with others, etc.

Reassure: They might not always understand how God is working in their lives, but reassure them they don’t have to wait, they can work every day, at any age, to serve him. And encourage them not be afraid to do what God wants, because he will guide our words and actions when we are not sure what to do, just as he did with Jeremiah.

Activity: You might like to create an I CAN can. Use an empty Milo tin, or similar. Allow your child to decorate the outside in whatever way they wish. Inside, place items to remind them that God knows them, is always present and faithful, and desires them to know and serve him now, as well as into the future. Younger children might write single words or draw pictures to add. Older children might like to look up and write out bible verses to place inside.



Lent is the six-week period leading up to Easter. It started on Ash Wednesday (17 Feb this year). It is a time of reflection and preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

If you missed last week’s post, head here for activities you might like to engage in as a family during this period.



Before attending St John’s Kids this weekend, if you haven’t already completed a Registration Form this year, please do so here to ensure our records are up to date. We are encouraging the use of hand sanitiser, so note on the form if your child(ren) has experienced a reaction.


Have a great week!

Kylie – Children & Families’ Minister



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