St John’s Kids – 26 April 2020

St John’s Kids – 26 April 2020


Today’s service:

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This week our topic is The God who Keeps Promises. We sometimes keep promises that we make, but not always. Sometimes we break our promises because of our own behaviour, or because of circumstances beyond our control. However, God always keeps his promises. And Jesus is the number one way he has fulfilled so many of his promises. Keep that in mind and join in with actions and voices as we sing Jesus Number 1 this morning.

While you listen to the talk:

  • Younger Kids – Print out the Rainbow Promise Stories and Rainbow Promise Booklet here. Extra Colouring Sheet.
  • Older Kids – Make sure you have a bible on hand. How many of God’s promises can you list? Choose one that stands out to you, to write out and decorate and keep in your room as a reminder of God’s faithfulness this week. After the service, you might like to do a search online and see how many more promises you can add to your list. Extra Word Search.

We would love to see how many promises you come up with, so send through your list and any other artwork to

Family Devotion Time:

After/Before your service of choice, or at a time that best suits you during the day, spend some time as a family talking about God’s promises.

Watch Margaret’s talk,


  • When have you made a promise to someone?
  • Have you ever broken a promise?
  • Was it your fault or something else happening that made you break your promise?
  • Have your friends or parents ever disappointed you by not doing something they said they would do?
  • How did that make you feel?
  • How do you think others feel when you don’t keep promises?
  • What should you do when you have let someone down?

The more you do what you say you are going to do, the more people can trust you and depend on you.

God always keeps his promises. Which means, we can always trust him and depend on him.

Pray together, thanking God for always keeping his promises and asking him to help you to always trust and depend on him.



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