St John’s Kids, 21 March 2021

St John’s Kids, 21 March 2021

Sunday 21 March

You can access our digital services here and/or attend in-person at 10am or 5pm.

This week we continue our current talk series. Read Jeremiah 23:15-32 in preparation.

Jeremiah had to contend with false prophets who were telling the people that everything was going to be okay – that they were God’s people and had nothing to worry about, when in fact God had told Jeremiah that they were heading for military defeat and exile.

We might be tempted to think that false prophets are a thing of the past. However, the number of times God warns about false teachings in both the Old and New Testament, tells us that this is something important and God wants us to be on guard even today.

Ask your kids what reasons people might have for misleading others about God. (Some may do it for money, power, or popularity, others may be ignorant of God’s word and mistakenly lead others astray.)

Discuss some teachings that you have heard and are not sure if true. (Some false teachings today preach that God wants you to be rich, that you haven’t been praying enough/properly if you haven’t been healed of something that ails you, or that there is no such thing as sin or hell.)

Explain how we can test a teaching to know if it is God’s truth – Anything that is true can be backed up by the bible, particularly through Jesus’ teaching. Anything that contradicts Jesus’ teaching cannot be of God. The better we know God’s word, and the more we allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives, the better we can recognise truth or falsehood.

Pray – Thank God for his warnings about false teachers. Ask for help in understanding his word so that we can identify false teachings and not be easily mislead.



Lent is the six-week period leading up to Easter. It started on Ash Wednesday (17 Feb this year). It is a time of reflection and preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

If you missed the earlier post about activities families might like to engage in during this period, head here.


Church Picnic

The Church Picnic is this weekend. All Welcome!

When:   Sunday 21 March at 12ish.

Where:  Anthony Beale Reserve Playground, 277 St Helena Road.

BYO:      Picnic lunch (BBQ facilities available), chairs/rug, scooters, basketballs, cricket bat/ball, etc.


Have a great week!

Kylie – Children & Families’ Minister



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