St John’s Kids – 13 September 2020

St John’s Kids – 13 September 2020



Today’s Events:

St John’s Kids Grade 3 Fun & Games Online Event is at 4pm this afternoon. Please contact us to RSVP or if you need the email invitation resent for the Zoom meeting details.


Today’s service:

Access our streamed services here.

Today concludes our series on The Spirit of Truth which has been a great reminder that the Holy Spirit is a person within the Trinity and is our ever present helper, friend, advocate, and connection to God the Father and God the Son (Jesus). So, get ready to celebrate that relationship with our kids’ song, Jesus in my Life.

Activities, if needed, to keep hands busy while listening to Tim’s talk:


Family Devotion Time:

Before/After your service of choice, or at another time during the day/week that best suits your family, spend some time together exploring God’s word. (Use and adapt as many of these components as are appropriate for the age of your children.)

Nothing can ever separate us from God and his love, because of what Jesus has done.

Read … Romans 8:31-39

Watch … this week’s video from Paul, with help from Olive & Annie

Ice Breaker …

  • Have you ever been separated from your mum or dad in the shops? How did you feel?

Discuss …

  • Think about the story of Jeremy. What wrong thing did he do? (Stole money from his mum)
  • Even though Jeremy was friends with Jesus, what wrong things did he think? (that God didn’t love him because he did something wrong, that God was making bad things happen to punish him)
  • In Romans 8:31-35, what things might make us feel like God does not love us anymore? (our sin, or when bad things happen)
  • If we have asked Jesus to take away our sin and then do something wrong, will God punish us for it? Why not? (because Jesus has taken the punishment for all our sin – the wrong things we have done and the wrong things we are yet to do)
  • What does the list of things in Romans 8:38-39 tell you about God and his love? (nothing in all of creation, seen or unseen, can ever separate us from God’s love, because of what Jesus has done)

How does this apply to me …

  • If you do good things, does that mean God loves you more?
  • If you do bad things, does that mean God loves you less?
  • If bad things happen to you, does that mean God is punishing you?
  • What would you say to someone who says they don’t think God loves them because they’ve done wrong things?

Remember …

  • If you have said yes to Jesus, then God loves you.
  • Your sin can not separate you from God’s love.
  • When bad things happen, it is not God punishing you.
  • You can not make God love you more and you can not make God love you less.
  • God loves you.

Craft …

  • Print this sheet. Cut each coloured strip. Use the strips to form a paper chain.
  • You can print the sheet several times or use other coloured paper to extend the chain.
  • Hang the chain somewhere, to remind you of the truth Romans 8:38-39 tells us.

Science Experiment …

  • You will need a glass jar, food colouring, bleach, eye dropper
  • Fill jar with water
  • Drop some food colouring into the water. Shake, if you have a lid, or just give a stir.
  • This is a picture of our sin. Just one drop, just one sin, is all it takes. Sin stains every part of us.
  • Drop some bleach into the jar. Again, shake or stir.
  • God removed all our sin. Jesus did that when he died on the cross. If we trust in Jesus, all our sin has been taken away.

Pray …

  • Thank God the Father for his love.
  • Thank Jesus for dying on the cross to save us from our sins.
  • Give thanks that now nothing can ever separate us from God’s love.



Family Devotion resource credit: Kidswise.


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