St John’s Kids – 09 August 2020

St John’s Kids – 09 August 2020

SUNDAY 9 August

Today’s service:

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This week is the last in our series, Back to the New Future, which has looked at how we might develop a new ‘normal’, post-COVID, that centres on God’s norms.

Our service will include communion, so have wine/juice and bread ready if you wish to partake.

Our bible reading Matthew 4:12-17 marks the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry; preaching the word of God and setting an example for us to live by.

Activities to keep hands busy while listening to Julie’s talk:


Family Devotion Time:

Before/After your service of choice, or at another time during the day/week that best suits your family, spend some time together exploring God’s word.

Romans 8:5-13

God’s Spirit makes his home in us.  He changes us and continues to change us.

When we thank Jesus for dying to save us, Jesus then gives us new life with God.  This new life with God begins now and goes on forever. In Romans 8, Paul tells us this new life begins when God’s Spirit comes and makes his home in us.  We are changed and we continue to be changed. God’s Spirit makes us perfect in Jesus.  And God’s Spirit changes us to be more like Jesus and less like what we use to be.

Watch …

Discuss …

  • What is the biggest change you have had? (Moving to a new house? New baby in the family? Changed bedrooms? Starting school?)
  • What was the house in the story like when the Edwards lived there?
  • The house began to change. What changed first? (Foundations were fixed first, so it no longer leaned.)
  • Why did the Edwards house change so much?
  • When we become a Christian, we change. Who moves in and changes us?
  • What changes does God’s Spirit make in us? (sinful/made perfect, dead to God/alive to God, guilty/forgiven, enemy of God/friend of God, shut out of heaven/heaven is our home … )
  • The house continued to change. What other changes happened?
  • When we become Christians, we begin to change. What changes does God’s Spirit continue to make in us? (become more loving, welcoming, truthful, sharing, forgiving, faithful, kind, gentle, and slow to get angry, pay back bad with good, use words that help not hurt … )

Activities …

  • Read Romans 8:5-17 to complete this activity sheet. Fill in the verse number that describes each change the Spirit makes in us.
  • Decorate this house, read the words and discuss the changes God’s Spirit makes in everyone who loves and follows Jesus.
  • Whole Family: Build the house the Edwards lived in (use foam/wooden blocks, Lego, cardboard boxes). Take a photo. Then rebuild the way it was once the new family moved in. Take a photo. Send photos to

How does this apply to me …

  • Have you asked Jesus to change you?
  • How has God’s Spirit changed you?
  • Consider all the changes God’s Spirit makes. Which change do you like the most?

Remember …

  • We change when we become a Christian.
  • God’s Spirit makes his home in us.
  • He changes us and continues to change us.

Pray together …

  • Thank Jesus for dying to save us and giving us new life with God.
  • Thank the Spirit for continuing to change us to be more like Jesus.
  • Thank God specifically for the changes you identified above as being the ones you like most.


Family Devotion resource credit: Kidswise


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