St John’s Kids, 07 February 2021

St John’s Kids, 07 February 2021

Sunday 7 February

You can access our digital services here or attend an in-person service at 10am or 5pm.

If attending in person, please take the time to scan the QR Code on arrival and enter your details. Keeping electronic records is mandatory. As are masks again this week, for the whole service! Thank you for your willingness to adapt to changing regulations.


This week we start a new talk series, looking at the Psalms and the topic of JOY.

Whether you connect with our digital service or in-person, have a chat to you kids this week about the difference between Happiness and Joy.

ASK your kids what makes them happy. Depending on their answers, EXPLAIN that most of the things that make us happy are temporary. We experience happiness when we get what we want, or when things are going our way, but it is an emotion that comes and goes, and in between we can experience sadness, disappointment, etc.

ASK what some of the things are that make them sad or disappointed. Sometimes we experience some hard things in life – people get sick, people can hurt us, friends can move away. Sometimes people and pets we love die. Reassure them that it is okay and normal to feel a whole range of emotions when things happen to us.

EXPLAIN that joy is bigger and better than happiness and can be experienced even during the times of sadness and disappointment. It comes from knowing that God is good all the time and that we can rely on his promise to one day wipe away every tear and create a world with no sadness or pain. It comes from knowing that God sent his son, Jesus, to save us and nothing can separate us from his love.

REMEMBER, like everything, the best way to teach your children about joy is to demonstrate it. When you are happy, praise God out loud. When you are sad or disappointed, verbalise your thankfulness that God is your strength. If God’s joy radiates from you, your children will learn to be joyful through your example.


St John’s Kids Reminder …

To ensure our records are kept up to date, we require Registration Forms be completed annually for participation in our programs. Please do so here. We will be encouraging the use of hand sanitiser, so make note on the form if your child(ren) has experienced a reaction.


Upcoming Events …



We will be running an Alpha course this term, specifically for parents of little ones. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions designed to explore the Christian faith – to ask questions and share points of view, in a friendly and informal environment.

When:   Wednesday evenings from 10 February, 7:45-9:00pm

Where:  via Zoom – So put the kids to bed, grab a cuppa (or something slightly stronger) and join in from the convenience of your home.

You can find more information and check out the talk for the first session here. You are welcome to try out the group for a week or two before making a commitment for the rest of the term.


Church Picnic

To further kick-start the term, everyone is invited to a Church Picnic!

When:   Sunday 21 February at 12ish.

Where:  Anthony Beale Reserve Playground, 277 St Helena Road.

BYO:      Picnic lunch (BBQ facilities available), chairs/rug, scooters, basketballs, cricket bat/ball, etc.



Have a great week!

Kylie – Children & Families’ Minister



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