St John’s Kids – 06 September 2020

St John’s Kids – 06 September 2020



Today’s Events:

Make dad feel special! During both services you can send a live Father’s Day message to your dad by texting 0490 453 293. Messages will be displayed on screen during the service.

After the 9:30am service (approx. 10:30am for those who are not watching the service at that time), Mark will run a family friendly game of Scattergories with a Father’s Day theme. Join Zoom here. (If prompted – Zoom Meeting ID: 833 565 287 / Password: SJDC). You will need a second device, a phone or tablet different from your Zoom device to access this link:

Note: You can also find the Zoom and Google Forms links in the 9:30am service description on YouTube.


Today’s service:

Access our streamed services here.

Today’s reading, John 16:12-15 focuses on the Spirit and truth. The Spirit does not work on its own but is a part of the Trinity with its own role. It will never lead you against the teachings of Jesus. The Spirit is to be our guide into truth.

Activities, if needed, to keep hands busy while listening to Julie’s talk:

Younger Kids …

Older Kids …

Psalm 103:13, tells us that God is like a father who is kind to his children. Celebrate God today for being the best father we could possibly ask for. And thank him for the blessing of all the good men in your life, whether they be your dad, grandpa, stepfather, adoptive father, foster dad, or any other father figures. Ask God to bless them and give them great joy and peace, as he continues to use them for his special purpose.


Family Devotion Time:

Before/After your service of choice, or at another time during the day/week that best suits your family, spend some time together exploring God’s word. (Use and adapt as many of these components as are appropriate for the age of your children.)

When things do not work out as they should, God always uses them for our good. And the good is always to make us more like Jesus!

Read … Romans 8:28-30

If you would also like to read the full story of Joseph, it can be found in Genesis 37-47, or choose an abridged version from a storybook bible.

Watch … this week’s video from Paul & Olive

Ice Breaker …

  • Share one good thing and one bad thing from the past week

Discuss …

  • A lot of bad things happened to Joseph. What were they? (his brothers were jealous, sold into slavery, ended up in prison, left in prison a long time)
  • Joseph knew that God allowed all those bad things to happen. Can you remember what Joseph said? (You planned bad things for me, but God turned your bad things to good)
  • What good things happened because of the bad things Joseph had to go through? (God saved his people from the famine by putting Joseph in charge of all Egypt)
  • Bad things happened to Jesus too. What are some of the bad things that happened to Jesus? (he was betrayed by a friend, his friends ran away and pretended they didn’t know him, he was hit and spat at, he was killed even though he’d done nothing wrong)
  • What good happens because God let these bad things happen to Jesus? (we can be forgiven and saved and be part of God’s family)

Dig Deeper …

  • What do you learn about God from Romans 8:28-30? (God has chosen his people, his plan was to make them like his Son Jesus, he made them right – got rid of the wrong sin)
  • What do you learn about God’s people? (they are chosen by God, they love God, they are to become like Jesus, they are made right with God)

Activity …

  • Print the Teardrop stencil and Like Jesus sheet.
  • In each teardrop, write or draw one bad thing that has, or could, happen to you.
  • For each of those bad things, cut and paste, or write, one of the phrases from the other sheet, to show how God might use the bad thing for your good.

How does this apply to me …

  • How does it make you feel, knowing that God uses the bad things that happen to us to help us become more like Jesus?
  • Ask an adult, who is a follower of Jesus, about a time when God used something bad in their life to help them grow to be more like Jesus.

Remember …

  • In this world, bad things will happen to us.
  • But God wants to use those bad things for our good.
  • The good is always to make us more and more like Jesus – to make us love God more, trust him more, to be more patient, to spend more time praying to him, etc.

Pray …

  • Tell God the bad things that have happened to you or that you are afraid will happen. If you drew a picture in a teardrop, you could use that to pray.
  • Thank God, that even though bad things happen, he uses them for our good.
  • Ask God to help you grow more and more like Jesus.



Family Devotion resource credit: Kidswise.


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