St John’s Kids – 05 July 2020

St John’s Kids – 05 July 2020

 SUNDAY 5 July

Today’s service:

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This week we have a service of Storytelling – reflecting on, and celebrating, what God has been doing in our lives during the last term, while experiencing physical distancing restrictions.

There will be a slideshow of some of our kids’ activities, other art, poetry, testimonies, prayer, and music – including a kids’ song Jesus Number 1.

You may find that there is a lot more happening on the screen to capture your kids’ attention this week, however if you would still like something to keep hands busy:

  • Encourage your child(ren) to think about and then draw or write something they believe God has told them, shown them, or done in their lives recently.

And if you are looking for more, these activity sheets tie into the Family Devotion Time below:

If there is anything God has placed on your or your children’s hearts this term that you would like to share with the people of St John’s, you can do so in our Meeting Place group. Or, more privately, you can share with the staff by filling in a Connect Card.


Family Devotion Time:

This week, we continue to think about living differently as followers of Jesus. Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:19-21, that our hearts will always be where our treasure is. In other words, what we love most matters! And Jesus wants us to love God, our Creator, most. Even more than the good things God gives us.

This fun claymation talk explores Jesus’ words to help us understand that it does matter where we store up our treasure.

Watch …


  • How does loving his creator make a difference in Benny’s life?
  • What are some of the things that Benny did differently to Billy, especially when all his stuff was stolen?
  • How can we, as Jesus’ followers, make sure we are loving God more than our stuff?
  • What are some ways we can ‘store up treasures in heaven’? (Try to think practically – how can we use our time, our stuff, our money, or our home to help others hear and learn more about Jesus.)

Have you been practising the Memory Verse over the past few weeks? Challenge yourself to do it with this video, without all the words! (If you need some extra help, you can print the Memory Verse sheet.)

Have fun with some of these extra Craft & Games Ideas.

Pray together …

  • Thank God for creating us and for the good things we enjoy
  • Say sorry for the times we put other things ahead of him in our lives
  • Ask for the Holy Spirit to work in our hearts to help us love God more than our stuff

Over the next few days, as a family, look further into this topic with these Digging Deeper Devotions.

For your convenience, the bonus videos mentioned in the Digging Deeper Devotions are below.

Montague McBrain – Do Good in Secret …

Do Not Worry …




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