Encouraging a youth leader

G’day parents,

This last week I was fortunate enough to receive some un-asked-for encouragement from a few people in my life. It was great and reminded me of something very true: no one ever gets tired of being encouraged! (They might get sick of being encouraged in a patronising way but that’s not really encouragement in my book ;-).

Anyway, I thought I’d let you know that when it comes to encouragement, youth leaders really value it, especially from a parent of a youth they lead. Youth leading can be pretty emotionally draining at times but whenever I’ve had a parent offer me some encouragement it’s filled me right up.

So, can I please encourage you to encourage the youth leaders you know? It can sometimes be a challenge as a lot of what they do isn’t particularly visible but even if you encourage them on the small details, it will help them greatly in their role as leader of your kids.

Also, from a selfish point of view, I always find that when I encourage others, I tend to feel pretty great too. I think God set it up that way 🙂


P.S. Don’t miss our goodbyes to Andrew Bowles this Sunday at both Diamond Creek Services and on Saturday evening.