Friend discount for Camp Crave

Friend discount for Camp Crave


G’day parents,

Just wanted to announce that from today onward we are offering 20% off the price of Camp Crave for anyone who is from outside St John’s. I’ve been encouraging youth to invite these types of people (as well as those who already are part of our church):

  • A friend who’s not a Christian but has expressed interest in talking about Christianity.
  • A friend from another church that has no youth camp of their own.
  • A friend from school who might be a bit lonely or isolated, especially during holidays and long weekends.

No one should feel limited by this list but I hope it gets people thinking who they can invite.

Okay, so, say a friend wants to come, how do they get the discount? Simple, when they book their ticket and it’s time to pay, there is an option to enter a Promo Code. Type in “FriendCode” and it should give them the 20% discount automatically.

Feel free to share this code with others but, please respect that it is for people outside our church who have never attended Camp Crave before. It’s an honour system 🙂

The good news is, camp is definitely going ahead as we have good registrations, that said, only one third of the youth in our database have registered so far. We’d appreciate anything you can do to spread the word during these next two weeks 🙂


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