Camp Crave – this weekend!

Camp Crave – this weekend!

Hey Parents,

Camp Crave 2019 is just days away!

Here is all the info you and your camper need to know, all who have registered will also receive a personal email with this information.

Camp Crave 2019 info:

Some of this stuff is pretty important, so make sure you and your camper read it all!

We’ll be bussing up to the camp site from St. John’s. Please arrive at 4.30 pm as we need to get up to the camp site before sun-down so that those who are tenting can get setup before it’s dark. We’ll provide some food on the bus trip so you don’t go hungry. Please make sure you’re not late or the bus might leave without you! If you are running late, please call one of the numbers below.

  • Drop off 4.30pm at St. John’s (61 Main St. Diamond Creek) on Friday 8th March.
  • Pick up 10pm at St. John’s on Sunday 10th March.

Here are two contact numbers for camp related communication:

  • St. John’s office number: 9438 1264
  • Andi Fidock (Camp Director): 0466 549 837

Getting Home:

We’ll bus home Sunday arvo but then keep doing activities at St. John’s into the evening (including the Sunday@6 service) finishing quite late, 10pm, leaving the public holiday (Monday) to recover. It’s important to note that whilst the Sunday night service is part of camp, the camp experience does not finish at the end of the service. We have quite a few more activities planned for afterwards including food and a camp debrief.

Here’s some other things to be aware of…

Mobile Phones and other gadgets:

Camps are a great chance to get away from technology a bit and talk to people in person rather than via a keyboard or touch screen so we do have a couple of rules in this area. Basically electronic gizmos need to be off and out of sight during official camp sessions. There will be a number of outdoor activities (e.g. hiking) which we will recommend not bringing gadgets on, if you decide to bring them for photos and they get lost our chances of finding them will be very low. We also ask that you respect people’s right to sleep by not listening to your audio players and making that annoying headphone-background noise while everyone else in your room/tent is trying to sleep. Likewise we don’t want that screen glow lighting up the rooms when people are asleep or that tap tapping sound of touch screens and buttons. Parents, please be aware that mobile coverage is poor in the area we’re staying (Taggerty) so it may be difficult to make contact half the time anyway.

Drugs and Alcohol (and smoking):

Neither is allowed on camp! We’ll send you home if we find any. There is also no smoking for those under 18 years of age. If you’re over 18 and feel the desperate need to smoke please talk to a director when you arrive.

Packing List:

  1. Bedding: sleeping bag or doona with sheets, pillow & pyjamas
  2. Towel & Toiletries
  3. Torch (will be very useful)
  4. Plenty of Warm Clothes for nights – Beanie, scarf, coat, etc…
  5. Plenty of clothes suitable for physical activity in warm or cool weather
  6. Shoes suitable for running and bush walking
  7. Clothes you can get dirty
  8. Sunscreen
  9. Bible & Pen
  10. Relevant medication
  11. Undies (probably self-evident but often forgotten)

Useful but not necessary:

  1. Indoor games in case we get rained out.

If using the tent option:

  • Don’t forget your tent.
  • Sleeping mat/mattress/lilo.

If it buckets with rain we can always evacuate the tents and throw down mattresses on the floor inside.

Bush Fires:

Given the high temperatures in recent weeks, fires remain an issue. We will be alert to any bush fires in the area and notify families by phone in the unlikely eventuality that we evacuate. Parents, please ensure that if you are away from home whilst we’re on camp that you’re still contactable by phone in case of emergency.


Well that’s all for now, start getting pumped up for a great camp.

See you soon!

Andi Fidock

Trainee Youth Minister & Camp Director
m. 0466 549 837
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