A big Sunday is coming – May 6

A big Sunday is coming – May 6

G’day Parents,

This coming Sunday (May 6) is chockas with good stuff. Here’s a quick run down:

  • The 9:30 and Sunday@6 services are both Come and See themed. This means they’re excellent for inviting friends to as we’ll focus both services on being friendly to non-church people, especially in our teaching.
  • There is Free Maths Tutoring at 3:30pm in Meeting Room 2. Please do take advantage of this generous offer. It goes till 5pm which is the start time for…
  • Sunday@6 dinner at 5pm this Sunday. Come and have a delicious meal with some friendly people.
  • Plus it’s the last Sunday before Youth Unite. RSVP here if you haven’t already.


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