Lent: Family Selfie Scavenger Hunt #3

Lent: Family Selfie Scavenger Hunt #3

Please click these links If you missed either Week #1 or Week #2 of the Lenten Family Selfie Scavenger Hunt.


Week #3 – Jesus’ Ministry – Read Luke 5:1-11 together as a family

or Let’s Go! from the Jesus Storybook Bible


Jesus began to teach all the people

They’d come to hear him, no building or steeple

He’d talk in the mountains and down by the sea

And to those who would listen, he’d say “Come, follow me!”


Jesus went to the places where people were and talked to them about God’s love. Talk about the sorts of places you think Jesus would teach, if he were here today. Take a selfie of your family in one of those places.

 Feel free to share your experience in the St John’s Parents Facebook group.