Sign Julie’s Farewell “Book”


    Jessica Kim

    Hi Julie I am so glad to have met you! You have been really helpful and kind on my journey finding God and I think you will be amazing at your new church 🙂

    All the best and I hope to see you around!


    Hey Julie,

    I remember when you first came to St Johns and I was so excited that there was a female minister coming! AND you were young and hip! I have loved your enthusiasm and grand ideas that come with so much prayer and thoughtfulness. You have been such an encouragement to me as someone to look up to, with such a beautiful prayerful heart. Thank you for encouraging me to help lead Alpha and take a step of faith into what God is doing.

    You’re amazing. Keep up the good work!

    Janeece McPherson

    Many thanks for your love, care and support throughout the past few years. I wish you and your lovely family all gods blessings for a wonderful life in your new Parish. They will all be very blessed to have you , your warm smile and your fun way in life. I am sure our paths will cross one way or another. Take care, look after yourself and may you continue Gods work for many years to come. Luv Janeece ????????

    Maureen Joel

    Julie wishing you all the best in this, a new adventure. Gods hand to guide you and His love to care for you.
    Best wishes Maureen


    Dear Julie,
    May God bless and encourage you as you move on in your journey of service to Him and others.
    You will be a great blessing to the people at All Saints.
    Love and prayers,
    Pam (Fletcher)

    Carolyn and Alan Fairweather

    Dear Julie, We’ve so enjoyed getting to know you and sitting under your practical and Spirit led preaching. Thank you for your warmth, enthusiasm and fun loving approach to life. You have been such a blessing to St. Johns and we will surely miss you! May God continue to call you forward into his purposes for you and bless you as you follow his leading. Much love, Carolyn and Alan.


    Dear Julie,’
    Thank you so much for your wonderful leadership and friendship at St. Johns. We wish many blessings as you move onto All Saints Greensborough. They are getting a jewel in you. Nola and Ian Borrie

    Mandy McGarr

    Dear Julie, Have so much enjoyed getting to know you. I remember when you first came to St. Johns as a wonderful new Minister. Have loved watching you grow and follow your journey of meeting and dating Andrew (and Jacob and Esther) and getting married. I have loved all of your sermons, your warm personality, friendliness and fun attitude to life.
    Will miss you greatly. All Saints will be perfect for you. May god continue to work in your life. Oh and the gym is just around the corner!!

    With love Mandyxx

    Sue Jetten

    Julie, it has been an absolute blessing to partner with you, be taught by you and to talk, pray, laugh & ‘do life’ together with you over your time with us at St Johns. You are such a joyful and obedient servant of God, always with your warm smile, words of encouragement and loving servant heart. We pray that God will anoint and richly bless your ministry amongst the people of All Saints Greensborough, equipping you as you continue to serve Him & share Jesus with the amazing heart for mission that He has given you. Much love from Victor & Sue Jetten

    Prue Shipsides

    All the best Julie. I have so enjoyed your inspiring talks through lockdown last year and again this year.
    You are always smiling and have something uplifting to say. A reason to ‘get on with it’.
    All Saints are very lucky to have you. May your continuing journey in Christ be as enriching to you as it us to others

    Tim & Anna Johnson

    Dear Julie, What a blessing you have been to our church and to us as a family. Thank you for your teaching which has always pointed us to Jesus our Saviour and to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide and direct our lives day by day. Thank you for your heart for mission and the way that you have brought deep strategic thinking, personal passion, and equipping of others to this part of our church life. More personally we have valued your friendship and support as partners together in ministry. We are glad that this will continue even if in a different way as you move to All Saints. May God continue to guide, lead and strengthen you in all that you do. Tim, Anna, Abi, Emily & Sam

    Delle Matthews

    Julie and Andrew,
    It has been so good having you as part of the St Johns family for this season. I have appreciated your joy and love of God evident in your sermons, our conversations and your lives. May you know the strength, wisdom and rich blessings of God as you move on to your next focus of ministry.

    Janice & Rod Smith

    Dear Julie, thank you for the wonderful contribution you have made to our church life. We have been so blessed by your gifts in ministry and the warmth of your personality. As St John’s has been so fortunate to have you minister to and with us, so too will All Saints be. Every blessing to you and your family as you move down the road! Love Janice & Rod Smith, Cath Marriott.

    Robyn and Rod Gorfine

    Dear Julie
    What a blessing you have been to our church family. We have loved having you guys as part of our church family. We were all so thrilled for you when Andrew came into your life .You do know now ,that Diamond Creek is a village, and you guys will always be part of our village.
    Julie, thank- you for your warm smile , your heart for Jesus , your cool earrings and your servant heart ❣
    We all know that All Saints are very fortunate indeed by having the Blinco- Smiths. Love Robyn and Rod

    Vicki Petrou

    Dear Julie,
    Thank you for your teachings and blessings and for guiding me to God. I have truly valued our friendship and look forward to catching up with you. Your heart is so full of joy when you praise God which brings so much joy and happiness to all of us. May God Bless you and your family as move to All Saints. Sending lots of love of best wishes, Vicki

    Bill and Judy Parkin

    Hi Julie, Bill and I send you our love and Prayers and we thankyou for your warm and inspiring presence in our lives. Best wishes for the next chapter in your life.


    Dear Julie. You have brought an infectious joy and happiness to our community – the infectiousness of COVID-19 can’t compete with you! You along with Andrew, Esther & Jacob will be dearly missed. Many blessings for you all as you move to minister to our lucky brothers & sisters in Greensborough. Love, Tania, Chris, Belinda, Kirsten & Jon.

    Marg Willis

    Dear Julie

    May the Lord continue to Bless you and your family as you continue your spiritual growth andv journey in Christ.
    All Saints are truly blessed to have such a wonderful, gifted and enthusiastic minister joining them. Your devotion to God is truly evident in your sermons , your beautiful smile, and bright personality has been a blessing to us all at St John’s .

    Hemsworth Family

    Dear Julie,
    Thank you for being a great minister at St. John’s. We’ve appreciated your enthusiasm and love for God. Our prayers are with you and your family as you embark on this next journey. Love from Tim, Joanne, Ashlyn, Zachary and Mitchell.

    Alison & Damien

    Dear Julie, Thanks for being such an inspiring leader, teacher, pastor and friend. May God go before you in this next part of your journey and bless you deeply. It has been a pleasure to get to know Andrew too, and big thanks to Jacob for being ‘big brother’ to so many of the little kids at St Johns. We will miss you all so much,
    Alison, Damien, Asher and Simeon.

    Hamish and Katelyn

    Thanks for everything Julie! You really do radiate joy, and have such a big heart for God’s mission. We will miss you, but we know God will continue to work in and through you at All Saints Greensborough. Praying for you and your family as you transition and settle into your new role and home.
    Love Hamish, Katie, Eliza & Cohen xxxx

    Lyndell Whiting

    Dear Julie,
    May the Lord, our Shepherd, bless you with grace, wisdom, energy and joy as you become His shepherd in a new place. May He go before you and your family to establish you, and may He strengthen the bonds of love between you, and those whom you will serve. Thank you for your service to our Parish in His name, and for your love, prayers, friendship and encouragement.

    Jan Hayman

    Dear Julie,
    So special was the blessing (UK version, in song) that you left us with at St. John’s.
    May that blessing go with you, and your husband, and your children, your whole family, to All Saints!

    Philip & Debbie Wadeson

    Thanks Julie,
    For your ministry here at St. John’s over the past three and a half years.
    Your friendship, kindness, warmth, and creativity has been a blessing to us all.
    We wish you all our love and prayers as you commence your new ministry at All Saints Greensborough.

    Philip & Debbie

    Robyn and Neil

    Dear Julie,
    The one thing that stands out to us above all the rest is your teaching, both through living out Jesus’ love and through your living messages to us.
    And the one message that stands out above all else is that “He is for us”!! We have never realised this as much as when you came to us at St Johns’.
    Thanking God for you,
    Robyn and Neil

    Janet & Chris Tiller

    Hi Julie,
    You have been such an important part of our lives over the last 3 1/2 years. We feel like you are part of our family, as well as our church family, as you treat all as your friend. Many have spoken of your many gifts. Your great warmth, faith and desire to share your love of Jesus inspire us to draw closer to our God. We have loved having you in our lives, and look forward to keeping you in our lives and prayers in your new ministry.
    Lucky All Saints! Love Janet and Chris Tiller.

    Nerida and Peter Fidock

    Dear Julie,
    We want to thank you for being a part of St. John’s. We’ve appreciated your genuine love and joy as you encourage us to be good neighbours! We love your enthusiasm and your ability to make your sermons personal and inspire us to make differences in our own lives. It was a great encouragement to be a part of Alpha. Thanks for encouraging us to pray. Many Blessings to you and your family for the next part of your adventure, Love Nerida and Peter


    Dear Julie,
    All the best for your exciting and wonderful new path. I am so looking forward to seeing how you grow and share God and his love with many many others!
    All my love,

    Jean & John Schmidt

    Thanks Julie
    For your living faith, enthusiasm and teaching, where you radiate as a breath of fresh air, in God’s spirit. Our prayers are with you and your family as you continue your journey with Jesus, in God’s strength and purpose, at All Saints.
    Best wishes and Blessings?
    Jean & John xx


    You have such an amazing spirit. I love listening to your stories and hearing about your adventures in life, you have such a calming and meditative way of speaking. You have become a bit like family unexpectedly at first but now can totally see why god has lead you to the many family members you’ve met. You’ve got this and gods got you! I look forward to seeing you when I get time off the mountain! This passage just fills my mind with images of god setting goals for you, you have such great energy and trust in the lord that you go out and accomplish all that he sends you out to do. Xx prayers and blessings!

    ‘They swirl about, whirling at His direction, accomplishing all that He commands over the face of all the earth.’
    Job 37:12

    Warwick Knight

    Hey Julie,
    Whilst sorry to see you leave, we know that you will be a blessing wherever you go.
    Your enthusiasm in infectious and we trust that the people of All Saints will welcome you and your family warmly.
    Rock On!
    The Knights

      Bronwyn Knight

      Hey Julie,
      Thank you for your time at St Johns – you’ve inspired so many people here, and I’m sure you’ll do the same at All Saints. Your energy and positive personality really demonstrate the joy in Jesus. Wishing you and your family all the best. 🙂 <3

    Pam and Neil Barras

    Dear Julie
    Thank you for making a difference in our lives in so many different ways. We have witnessed your passion for Jesus and your gift to use stories from your personal journey through your teaching.
    Your enthusiastic commitment to local mission is well suited to your role at All Saints.
    Love and many blessings for your continued ministry in making Jesus known.
    Pam and Neil Barras

    Warwick and Vicki Miller

    Dear Julie
    We thank God for bringing you to St John’s and pray that He will continue to bless you and those you minister as He has done here.Thank you for sharing so personally and for your unbridled love and joy in the Lord that is so plain to see and infectious to those about you
    You have been a great encouragement to us
    Rich Blessings
    Warwick & Vicki


    Dear Julie,

    Thank you for being one of the most interesting friends I’ve ever had.
    Thank you for telling me about swimming your race against the elephant and subsequent interview on morning television as if you were recounting a simple trip to the shops.
    Thank you for bringing positive and helpful illustrations and insights to our church and staff team for three and a half years.
    Thank you for moving just a short distance a way so we can still hang out.
    Thanks for keeping it all about Jesus.

    Peace. Kirk

    Greenhalgh Family

    Dear Julie,

    It’s been such a pleasure having you at St John’s these past three and a half years. Thank you for the support you’ve given me personally, and to my family as well, especially in times of crisis. I’ll always appreciate your wisdom, faith and prayer, and so will Izzy.

    This is such an exciting opportunity for you to stretch your wings and grow. I’m sure I’ll bump into you at the Plaza or Woolies (fresh stuff is the best from Sculli Bros, get the rest of your groceries from Woolies!) so this isn’t goodbye, but see you round!

    Much love
    Anna, Leigh, Izzy, Xander and Ben

    Kaye Chenoweth

    Dear Julie. It has been a great blessing to have your presence and input in St John’s. You are indeed a breath of fresh air in all you do and God is using you for His kingdom. I appreciate your personal and inspirational sermons and your warmth and love. All Saints will be truly blessed to have you. Sending you on your way with love.??☺☺

    Jessie mccue

    Hi Julie I remember discussing Jeremiah with you
    after your cermon it was very interesting.
    Blessings and good luck to you and Andrew and family
    From Jessie Mccue

    Margie Baxter

    Hi Julie

    It was lovely meeting you and being able to share interests as to what God was doing in our local community. You certainly were inspiring and I pray that you will also be used to inspire All Saints.

    Just a little history you may be interested in. We spent the day after out wedding in May 1969 at All Saints then I continued to worship there until the church plant at Bundoora. I remained at Bundoora until after the children were born and the minister there had trouble dedicating my new son. DVBC would have me so I went there in 1973. All Saints has always been a place of accepting people who are not mainstream.

    I am grateful for my time there and I am sure God will ensure you have plenty of brotherly fellowship and love. Congratulations on your new posting and may you and your family be richly blessed and enjoy your time there.

    Love and best wishes and I hope I will still see around the churches or the shopping centre.

    Susie and Jason

    Dear Julie,

    Wishing you God’s richest blessings as you move on from St John’s and continue to bless others at All Saints.
    We have really appreciated your thoughtful, enthusiastic approach and know you will continue to uplift others on your new journey. We will continue to pray for you.

    Susie, Jason and the boys

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