Join a Local Mission Team

Join a Local Mission Team

If you were a bird, looking down on Nillumbik Shire, how would you picture our church?  Do you automatically think of a red brick building?

When I think of our church, I think of you.  I think of the places you are during the week, not in a weird stalker way ?  but in a way which represents that we are God’s people on mission 24/7 and only a few hours of that a week are spent together in a red brick building, beautiful, though it is.

We are God’s people; ambassadors of heaven and bringers of the good news of Jesus; even on our ‘bad’ days, this is what God says about who we are.

Within St John’s we have numbers of Jesus-loving, spirit-led faith communities serving our local neighbourhood.

We believe God is always active amongst us and He invites us to partner with Him in making Jesus known both at home and abroad.  It is our joy, as a church to serve the people in our neighbourhood, following the example of Jesus and living the love of God to others.

If you’re not already involved in a Local Mission Team, choose from one below, register on the Info Hub and a Team Leader will be in touch with you to discuss.

  • Mainly Music (Wednesday 10-11.30am, starts 5th Feb)
  • Korus Connect (throughout school-term)
  • New Estates Welcome (Present package delivery, March 2020)
  • Alpha (Got faith questions? Join Alpha! 10 week course)
  • Kid’s Hope (1 hour/week/child)
  • Retirement Toolbox (on request)
  • Parenting Toolbox (6-week course)
  • Leith Park Retirement Village Chapel Service (fortnightly on a Friday morning)
  • Diamond Creek CFA Suppers (monthly on a Monday night)
  • Footy Chaplaincy (during footy season)
  • Baby Boomers Gatherings
  • Love your Neighbours (connecting with local businesses)
  • Town Fair Hospitality (hosted in September)
  • Community Carols (hosted in December)