Our Thanksgiving Service is coming up on November 14, where we give thanks for the year that’s been and celebrate St John’s birthday. As we reflect on the last 12 months, we want to create digital spaces for our Church to give thanks to God. How would you reflect on these questions:

  • What has God been doing in your life this year?
  • What scripture has been particularly helpful?
  • What are you thanking God for?

We’d love for you to record a 30-second video reflecting on the year that’s been, for use as part of our Thanksgiving Services. Please submit them here by Friday 5th November. Things to remember when you’re filming yourself include: find somewhere quiet – audio quality is the most important thing in video; avoid bright lights behind you, including windows. Try and sit next to a light source instead of in front of one. Finally, try to have your camera at about eye level, with your head taking up about the top third of the screen when filming.

We’ll also be running our annual Thanksgiving Appeal. This gives you an opportunity to praise God and give him thanks for the year gone by going above and beyond your regular giving. We’d love you to consider what your capacity to give might be, and to give in one of two ways this year: through direct debit with the description ‘Thanksgiving Appeal’ or using online giving and selecting the Thanksgiving Appeal option. Head to for instructions on how to give.

We're thrilled to be returning to in-person worship gatherings at 8am, 10am, and 5pm.
These services will be restricted to fully vaccinated people only, per government restrictions.
Those who are not fully vaccinated are able to join in digitally at our YouTube channel or join in with watch parties in homes.
For more info, head here. Find all our services here.