Bema Podcast Discussion Group

Bema Podcast Discussion Group

If you’re aged 18-30 (ish) then you’re invited to join our discussions based on The Bema Podcast. You can find the podcast here.

Before you join you’ll need to know where the group is up to and when they’re meeting. To find that out please email or post a question in our Discord Server.

We highly recommend listening to the intro episodes (Titled ‘-1: What Is BEMA?’ and ‘0: Introductory Lesson’) before listening to any of the other episodes as they give you a great idea what the podcast is all about and where the presenters are coming from.

The group meets and communicates via Discord.

Our Bema Values:

  • Treat each other with gentleness and respect, especially when disagreeing.
  • Come prepared, listen to that week’s episode and read the relevant passage/s.
  • Consistent attendance.
  • Communicate in a timely and friendly manner via Discord.