Welcome to Diamond Creek!

Welcome to Diamond Creek!

Hello and thanks for checking in here!

Why did you receive lollies in your letter box recently?  Glad you asked… ?

  1. Times have been tricky during Covid-19 and we wanted to spread joy and do something kind for our neighbours. So, if it made you smile when you saw it, or brightened your day just a little, mission accomplished!
  2. We as a Church have wanted to offer a big WELCOME to Diamond Creek. We love living here and hope you do as well.  For some of you, you’ve been here a little while now, but now seemed as good a time as any to wish you well with life in Diamo.
  3. Finally, we simply wanted to connect to see if there is any way we could offer help during this time of unprecedented world change?

As an inter-generational Christian faith community, we offer points of connection for every age group.  For some of the young ones: Mainly Music; and a dynamic Primary School Holiday Program (Going Bananas!).  For the youth and young adults: weekly Youth Groups with occasional games nights; various hang outs, eat outs and times to explore spirituality. For others: Parenting Toolboxes; Marriage Enrichment Weekends; Opportunities to explore faith and think about the teachings of Jesus; Retirement Toolboxes; and groups of people who gather to make a difference in our local communities in various ways.

Why do we do this?  In short, God. What’s God got do with it?

“I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11). 

Jesus said that he came to bring life in abundance to those who trust and believe in Him.  

So, at St John’s Anglican Church, we enjoy that abundant life and look for ways to love, serve and make a difference in the world around us. 

Usually, we’d have 3 Sunday services, though, until restrictions lift further, everything is online.  Do feel welcome to join online one day to ‘suss us out’ if you’d like.  Premiers live on Sunday 9.30am and 6pm but also available to watch after the event.

Essentially, we wanted to touch base to spread some kindness and invite you to connect with us further, as you’d like.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you!

Julie Blinco
Community Chaplain
St Johns’ Anglican Church
Phone: (03) 9438 1264
Email: office@stjohnsdc.org.au